Saturday, October 20, 2007

It's a new day

I'm settling into my new digs here at Blogspot, so welcome to my first post.

Up until today, my posts have mainly been logged on the site that helped me reach my weight loss goals, something that was quite important to my health. I was one of those people who had inched over the 200-lb mark and was seeing my blood pressure creep northward, seeing my blood sugar grow higher, and seeing my cholesterol going all over the map. My internist wasn't happy. My cardiologist wasn't happy. I definitely wasn't happy. It's been nearly a year now, but I am fit and at a healthy BMI. The diet I used was Medifast. You can read more at their website. I highly recommend it.

Now that it's been nearly a year (November 8), I've decided it's time to graduate from that website and move to a wider audience (I hope). Any friends who decide to follow me from there are welcome and appreciated.

Life has been a challenge lately. Finding time to write has been next to impossible. I did manage to eek out two beautiful paragraphs the other night, only to end up with a bulldog puppy leaping onto my laptop. "Whatcha doin', Mom?" After several attempts to continue, I gave up and put the laptop away. Naturally I didn't save the file. Naturally the next morning I had to reboot my laptop, losing the two beautiful paragraphs. It's okay. It was a bit of writing that got my creative juices flowing.

Stephen King has a disdain for technical writers. In his book, "On Writing," he says that if you can't sit down and write and learn your craft, you might as well go be a technical writer. That stung. At the time, I wasn't a technical writer, but now that I am, those words have haunted me. Technical writing isn't easy stuff. Not only do you have to be a good writer, but you have to be specialized in a particular field. In my case, network engineering. No easy feat.

But it is a difficult field to be in for a writer who ever wants to write something else. A friend who left the company always spent his Sunday mornings writing poetry - tanka, to be specific. I wish I were that disciplined. I do write poetry, but only when the mood hits me. That isn't often. I also have two books cooking in my brain, as well as a set of technical books for which I'm drafting a proposal. I have a busy writing life, but it isn't the writing life I expected. Stephen King may be onto something. Would his creative juices be the same if he had a day job writing manuals for toasters? I doubt it. Technical writing is dry and precise. It encourages you to throw away your adjectives, your synonyms, your narrative. It leaves you beached and bleached, like whalebones in a dry ocean bed.

So I am here. I need a creative outlet. I need a place to put my thoughts in which I don't feel obligated to discuss my latest snack challenges or weight loss discoveries. I need a little breathing room. Thanks for coming along for the ride. Peace - D


Jen said...

Hi, D. I told you I'd come over.

Here is to a renewed and restored flow of creative juices.

Best wishes on your new blog.

I love your writing. I'll be here often.


Stacy said...

Hello River!

I'm glad you posted your new address. Mine is and I try to keep it updated with my MF blogs, but I'm feeling a little like you recently, blogging less, contemplating my next step. I'll try to visit as often as I can.

Pam said...

Oh D,

I have read plenty of your writings and I know that you have a beautiful talent. No matter your day job, you will always have that talent. Hopefully now you will feel free to share that talent with a much wider audience!

Love you and hope this new 'spot' suits you!


HundredAcres said...

Hey there!!! Congrats on your transition!

Now....from one bullie person to another....Where are the pics of your little bullie puppy!!!

All my best...

Pope Coyote said...

LOL - I think Stephen King is a hack. A very prolific hack, but a hack none the less. I know he is beloved by millions and I do love some of his story lines, but as Neil Young says about folks thinking his music all sounds the same, "it's all one song". I love Neil but I don't spend as much time with him as I used to. Maybe it is all one story.

Technical writing is a talent like any other. People say "those who can, do; those who cannot, teach". Being a teacher, that stings a bit too. And while I admit that sometimes it would be great to have more practical field experience in some areas, I've seen adjuncts come in who are full of experience but can't teach to save their lives. It is the great educator that can balance the two. Maybe the same is true of writing, and Stephen can't make sense without a fictional premise and lots of adjectives? Who knows.

Anyway, best of luck with every thing! I've added your blog to my "web comics" list that I read most days so hopefully I will be somewhat regular. AND I created a "google" account just so I could comment. ;) If that isn't love, I don't know what is. :)

J said...

Hi Ginger --

Just popping in from sunny CA to give you a flyby "housewarming" hug.

We're off to a street fair, and then onward and up the Pacific Coast Highway.

Will catch back up with you when we land back in the Rockies.


Anita_J said...

It took me a little while but I got here. I love the reference to the whalebone! See, you still got it girl!