Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Baking Pies

Today we are getting ready for the big day, the day of overeating and a constantly warm oven, the day of multi-tasking and multiple conversations. I woke up this morning and began cleaning house, though there is little I can do while recovering from the nerve ablation thing. Seems that everything I do is a little too much. Yet the bathrooms are gleaming, and the kitchen sparkles. It won't look like that tomorrow. Tomorrow it will be spattered with turkey drippings, sticky syrup from the candied yams, a casually dropped spoon from the broccoli, or a ring of brown where a tea glass was rapidly filled.

We were supposed to be in Atlanta right now, along with our pooches. Then the doctor sort of forced my hand with the nerve ablation. He wanted to do it within 2 weeks of the diagnostic numbing test, so that placed me right before Thanksgiving - one week before. I thought I would be ready to go by now, but the nurse told me it would be "several weeks" (said in an "I'm sorry" tone) before I could do anything like a long ride. There went my Thanksgiving. We were going to see Paul's sister and her family (there is a new baby, a year old, whom we have never seen except in pictures). His mom and brothers were going to be there. Even his sister-in-law and their new baby (whom we've never seen). So I feel like the proverbial wet blanket, ruining everything.

This also meant we had to suddenly plan something for at home, and with me unable to do any lifting, etc. We bought a turkey and all the fixin's. Today we are baking the pumpkin pie, and Paul is making his famous no-bake cheesecake (originated with his mom - their family usually goes through several of these on any given holiday). It is a pie made with lemon pudding and cream cheese, poured into a graham cracker crust. Delightfully easy but delicious. The pumpkin pie will take about an hour to prepare and bake. I'm no Martha Stewart. I don't drag out my food processor (which I'm not proficient with and have only used twice) and puree the pumpkin after baking it in the oven. Sorry. I just buy the pumpkin puree in a can and use that to make my pie. I also don't roll out my own pie crust the way my foremothers did. It's probably better this way. If I tried rolling out the dough, I'm certain to get a cat hair in there somewhere. I would rather use the Pillsbury frozen pie crust.

This isn't to say that I never make things from scratch. Sometimes I get a hankering to go all out and spend the day baking. I can make a mean carrot cake (one of the times I drag out the food processor to julienne the carrots for a nice robust batter). I just don't have the time to make things from scratch most of the time. Life is busy and it's getting busier.

We went to a wine tasting at a friend's house in Virginia last night. Wonderful boutique wines sold in a party atmosphere. We bought half a case. While there, I saw an old friend and co-worker whom I worked with at SAIC years ago. We're both much older now, and he still works on government contracts. He gave me his business card and asked that I send him my contact information. He often has spur-of-the-moment technical writing jobs for contract individuals. So I could get some freelance work that way. I have two relatives wanting to get into the business, so I may train them up and keep them on hand for these kinds of jobs.

We are also starting a new businsss on the side called "Homeward Angel" (an appropriately literary name) in which we will hand-deliver puppies from the breeder to the new family, catering to breeders who do not ship and people who can't go to the breeders to get their own pup. This usually is the case when they live more than 100 miles from the breeder. Many pups don't do well in cargo, which is currently the only way to get the new pup home. We will offer a service that will enable many people around the country to get the pup of their dreams no matter where the breeder is located. More about this later.

For now, my battery is fading on the laptop and I need to go get some java juice for my own low energy. See you at Starbucks!

Peace - D

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Patrick said...

Unfortuneatly one of the last days I have to work at the firehouse is tomorrow. I wish I were coming over to eat all your good food.