Saturday, December 8, 2007

Dinner and a Movie, be sure to get the dinner

Among all of the other interests I have, film is way up there. I probably would not have enjoyed being a film student, however, nursing at the teat of some arrogant man in a black turtleneck who pooh-poohs every original thought a woman has. It would have taken all the joy out of movies for me.

When I was a little girl, it was a real treat to pile in the car with my two sisters and two brothers to head to the cinema for the latest G-rated classic. We saw "The Love Bug," "Peter Pan," "The Ghost and Mr. Chicken," "Clarence the Cross-Eyed Lion," and many others. The aroma of the popcorn, the murmuring of the audience before the previews started (and there were far fewer previews back then), and the sweet taste of an icy Coke all served to imprint magic onto my soul. I tried to pass on that tradition to my kids, though now we forego popcorn and Coke in favor of bottled water.

In just an hour or so, we are heading out to grab some dinner and then immerse ourselves in yet another movie - "August Rush." I've heard very good things about it, and I love Keri Russell. She's a fresh face among the usual emaciated skeletons rattling across the screen. She was wonderful in "Waitress," which I just watched again the other night. (I was sad to find out that Adrienne Shelley, the writer and director of "Waitress," was murdered before her little indie masterpiece was debuted at Sundance.) The movie adaptation of McEwan's "Atonement" looks very good, but watching a very hungry looking Kiera Knightley in filmy gowns might make me a little ill. She's a beautiful girl. Why must she have starved herself to such miniscule proportions? We wonder why our girls have such terrible self-images, and then we parade these starving women in front of them constantly, saying, "This is beauty!" No, it's not.

There has to be a balance. We should not be obese or morbidly obese, and yet there is an explosion of people needing gastric bypass surgeries in this country (and other countries that have been influenced by our bad eating habits). We should not be starving ourselves, yet we are forcing our models and actresses to be a size 0. Look at Victoria Beckham (Posh Spice). In older pictures she actually looked like a healthy woman. Now she looks like a stiff wind would carry her away. Her face looks stern and severe, not pouty. One can only imagine what she looks like in person, if the camera adds ten pounds.

It's ridiculous, really. We judge those in past eras in China who bound women's feet in the name of beauty. Are we so different? I can't wear most of the shoes they make for women. Those shoes keep podiatrists, chiropractors, reflexologists, and surgeons in business. I wear a more modest heel, if any. Most of time you'll find me in my Rockports. Yeah, I know that Stacy London wouldn't like it, but oh well.

Hopefully Keri Russell will not look so emaciated in this movie. I want to get lost in the film, not in wondering how a starving woman keeps going. I'm going to go in with a full belly (not overly so) and a bottle of water. When the lights go down, I'll drift once more into my love affair with film. I'm hoping for a strong plot, deep characterization, and a satisfying climax.

Oh, by the way, my spinal tap went well yesterday. The only thing I felt was the lidocaine shot to numb up the area. Once I was numb, I never felt another thing. The doctor was very good at it. I didn't get the headache either, just fatigue and a sore back today. I should have my results in about two weeks. In the meantime, I'll just keep on keeping on.

Peace, and happy movie watching! - D

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