Friday, January 11, 2008

10 Things on My Mind Today

  1. The weekend.
  2. Chocolate cake.
  3. How much laundry is waiting for me (Bodhi had an accident on the bed...)
  4. Hillary's campaign.
  5. The upcoming season premiere of Lost. It's like waiting for freakin' Christmas!
  6. My spirituality. I'm having a spiritual identity crisis. Dammit.
  7. Going to see "Cloverfield" tonight.
  8. Why I can't seem to get the MPEG-2 videos I took with my new camcorder into a format that others can watch on their computer unless I burn a DVD. I'm very frustrated, and the user manual was ZERO help. Can't pull the videos into iMovie (on Leopard) from the camera or from an MPEG-2 file. Suggestions welcome.
  9. Work...and my husband's job. My job isn't bad, but We have some goals to meet, but he is really hating life. My job is portable, but we're kind of stuck where we are right now because we just bought the place last year.
  10. Getting some video of Bodhi-san doing some of the clownish little things he's so good at. I'm so glad he's getting better!

1 comment:

Heather said...

No. You're. Not. Seeing. Cloverfield. Tonight.

A week before release.

Skin.... green. Must... control... extreme jealousy!


Let me know how it is... lucky.