Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Behold the Power of the Wordsmith

Forgive this writer her sin of omission (of blog entries) of late.
  • This writer is tired.
  • She is exceedingly sleep-deprived.
  • She is dealing with an ailing pet (and a pissed off older pet who is, frankly, tired of being chased around by this menacing-looking puppy with a great, round thing on his head and who isn't afraid to use it as a battering ram).
  • She is dealing with dual software releases at work (writing while the software is far from STABLE even! Might as well be working for Billy Geeeeee....)
  • And finally, she is writing about herself in the third person.
I have the NH Primary coverage going on http://www.bravenewfilms.com and on NBC. My girl still isn't winning. I feel for her. She's fighting some difficult problems right now. Not only is there still a lot of anti-Clinton sentiment in this country but there are also a lot of good ol' boys who "ain't gon' see no woman put in the White House" (you don't want to know what they are saying about Obama - geez, I have a real love/hate relationship with my homeland....the South). We have people picking on her personality, for God's sake. We have people who say she's too cold and then destroy her for showing a little emotion ("You see there, Earl? Pro'ly on the rag - AHAHAHA!") Have they even heard her message?


This isn't what I was going to blog about.

I was going to say that I think it's AWESOME that the writers are crippling Hollywood in an effort to get what they should have - royalties for the work they've done. Everyone benefits from what goes on in Hollywood except the writers. It's so easy to forget that someone wrote everything that is entertaining us. If we volunteer to write it (like this blog), that's one thing. Writers who are hired to write movies and such and do not receive royalties for DVDs and for "new media" (i.e., Internet delivery) are just being robbed. They are making the Brangelinas of the world richer (so they can adopt from yet another third world country?) instead of padding their own nests with a little bit of the gold they've spun.

It's scary to be a writer most of the time. We're often the forgotten few. I'm glad that the unions are standing strong and have managed to shut down the Golden Globes. Just pay them already.

Some of us want to see more than eight episodes of "Lost" this season. ;-)

Oh, and I'm in solidarity with my fellow writers, of course...even though I'm not much for unions, as a rule. In this case I can certainly see the necessity (and the power).

Go, wordsmiths! Go, my bruthas and sistahs!

Peace - D


Heather said...

I don't have a personal problem with Hillary; I just don't really like any of the Democrat candidates (except Bill Richardson) because I don't want to be taxed to death (I'm an Arnold Schwarten-whatever kind of gal - socially liberal/fiscally conservative - dang it that he can't run!). But, I am very surprised at her standings. I thought for sure she would be the Democratic nominee.

And? I agree with you. I'm not a union person, either, but I'm glad the writers are shutting down Hollyweird. I wish the awards shows would just go away in general. I like how the Golden Globes are going to be this year - stop by and pick up your trophy. All quiet-like. We see enough of these people in the news anyway. Like I care what designer they're wearing.

Karma said...

OK, so obviously blogged before the final numbers came in and Hillary took NH! It's going to shape up to be an interesting race...

How you holding up physically girl?

Karma said...

OK and I posted to this one before reading all the way down.. sorry! Wow, what an ORDEAL for you lately. Picked a good time to get back on MF didn't ya?! I guess, when is there ever a GOOD time - you just gotta do it.

So curious about the block, though if you gave me a shout out I'm HOPING it wasn't me!! ;)

I love your rants, and witty sarcasm as much as I love when you are wise and emitting cosmic calm... because seriously, who can be happy ALL the time?!