Saturday, January 5, 2008

Bodhi is in the Hospital

My little Bodhi man, as I suspected, is having complications from the neuter surgery. He is in surgery again right now.

It's like deja vu, since we went through similar rushes to the emergency vet late at night (same vet) and nerve-wracking procedures with our little Leo. And if you don't know how that turned out, we had to euthanize him the day after he turned 16 weeks old (only time I've ever had to do that), because of liver shunts that kept coming back. He barely made it to 10 lbs. By that age, he should have been around 20-24 lbs. (You can visit his memorial page from the links here on the blog). His condition ultimately was inoperable (though we did put him through one surgery and spent something like $10K in vet bills).

They are going to clean out Bodhi's infection and put him on stronger antibiotics. On the way to the vet this morning, the abscess he developed ruptured and began leaking blood all over him, the blanket, the dog hammock in the back seat (which protects our seats), and hubby's new sweater. (It's ok. The OsyClean got it out). We carried him back into the treatment area immediately and laid him on the table (thank goodness he is "only" 40 lbs now and hubby could carry him. I would not have been able to). Within 10 minutes they had him cleaned up, examined, checked in, and a treatment plan in place. Before we left, they were getting ready to give him a shot of some good drugs. Poor little guy still wanted to come with us, but he barely lifted his head.

Am I freaking out? Oh yeah.

On the heels of my diet rage yesterday, this is making it even harder to stick to the plan. I wanted to go down to Starbucks and have a tall soy latte along with a pumpkin scone. I really did.

Peace - D

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Heather said...

You're allowed to be freaked. Bodhi is your baby. Go have the latte and scone or get the hubby to give you a neck rub, or watch a funny movie. You'll be OK!

Thinking of you!