Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Early to Rise

Remeber the old adage, "Early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise?" What's so great about getting up early? I have yet to find the secret. Maybe it had to do with farming. Or maybe it was just about getting up before the kids!

At any rate, I was not early to bed, but I was awake several times last night. I had a migraine that just continued on into today, so I had trouble getting to sleep last night, despite taking my regular sleepy-bye meds and a migrane pill. Around 2 a.m., Bodhi man woke us up doing what has affectionately become known in my house, over a period of many years and many pets, as the "salt shaker dance." He was heaving back and forth, trying to produce a little pile of spew. We managed to get him to a towel before he puked in the bed, which involved a little dance of legs trying to free themselves from pillows, blankets, and sleep. It must be weird to be a dog or cat in such a situation. "Hey, trying to spew here! Where are you taking me? Ow! My rib cage!"

We got back to sleep from that, but I was awake again at 4 and 5. Finally, I just got up. I'm drowsy as hell and am drinking coffee and doing some crosswords (badly). Some are easy: 36D - Desktop's big brother (mainframe). Ah, computer geekdom pays off. Or 61A - Chambers of the heart (atria). Other little buggers escaped me: 46A - Coral formation. My mind kept going reef, reef, reef, but the damned thing had five letters. Finally, when the first letter (A) became clear, I got it - atoll.

It's morning. I used to use this time to write stories, poems, and to do schoolwork. Nowadays I just settle myself in with mind stimulus to keep the brain functioning well. I love crosswords, and I'm beginning to see why my mom still did word puzzles until the time of her last illness. Not only are they a great distraction but they also keep the brain sharp.

Speaking of sharp, I'm going to hit something anti-sharp - my pillow, for a few more winks before I start my day.

Peace - D

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Heather said...

Yuck. Sorry about the lack of sleep. It's never fun trying to function throughout the day while your mind is still in bed.

Oh and? I know all about the puking animal thing. I'll hear my cat mewling and licking his mouth and I yank him up and run him into the kitchen. He gets so pissed!