Monday, January 21, 2008

Hugh Grant correction

Oops, my bad. Anonymous corrected me on this little tidbit in my post Jane Austen Sees Us Through the Strike:

"I wasn't much for Colin Firth in Bridget Jones' Diary, but maybe I just need to watch it again. Maybe I was in a Hugh Grant pre-hooker phase."

In fact, Hugh Grant was arrested on June 27, 1995 for his solicitation of sex with prostitute Divine Marie Brown. And Bridget Jones' Diary was released in 2001. Busted. Thanks for your correction!

It isn't the only time Hughie has been in trouble. Last April he was arrested after attacking a freelance photographer who approached him and said, "Give us a smile, please," as Grant returned to his Chelsea home.

Some reporters and editors lovingly refer to this as the "baked bean incident," because as Grant was going into his house, he turned and hurled a plastic take-out container of baked beans at the photographer. Oh. My. God. He went to all that trouble to go out and get some take-out, only to waste it on a paparazzo? That's just a waste of beans.

Honestly, I feel sorry for anyone who has any amount of fame, because their picture, their hair, their sweat is worth so much on the market that they are hounded to death (i.e., Princess Diana). As I have told my son recently, no one loves their job. There is always a dark side to it. Trying to focus on the bright side is the only way any of us get through our work days. This is true for stay at home moms, too. I was one of those for a few years. It will make you crazy, even though you love your kids.

I'm happy to be just who and where I am. Though my name is out there, in books, I do not get recognized! ;) Thank God. I wouldn't want to have anyone photograph me bending over to pull weeds.

Peace - D

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Coal Miner's Granddaughter said...

Oh, I can't imagine the Hell those people have to go through each day with the flashbulbs going off constantly. On the one hand, they chose said life, but on the other, if we would stop paying attention to their private lives and stop reading People and such, the madness would stop.

Case in point - Brittney. I think the paparazzi should leave her alone because she's obviously a mental case and following her every breath is only making matters worse.