Friday, January 18, 2008

Just another day, du du du du du du....

I'm lollygagging this morning. Don't feel like working, but I have to. The world outside is icy and white, beautiful if you don't have to be out in it. I feel fortunate to work from home on days like today. The loneliness is worth not having to worry about falling. However, I have to go out at 4:30 for a vet appointment. Joy.

Dog News

Bodhi is doing well and should get his staples out this evening. It will be interesting trying to get him and the cat to the vet, since he always wants to chase the cat.

He chewed the strap off a pair of my shoes this morning. Ugh. It doesn't seem to matter how many chew toys he has, he finds my shoes irresistible. Time for an over the door shoe hanger, I think. I hate those, but I think it's time I got one.

Doctor News
Saw my doctor yesterday for a follow-up.

He looked at the results of my brain MRI (from December) and nodded. He has suspected MS all along. I told him that I was being referred to an MS specialist at Johns Hopkins, and he thought that was a very good thing. I also told him that my neurologist seemed reticent to diagnose me.

He said, "MS can be tricky to diagnose, but you're going to the right place."

The worst things are the fatigue and the leg weakness. The leg weakness comes and goes, but the fatigue is pretty constant. I do everything I can to keep it at bay. I take my meds that have drowsiness as a side effect at night. I try to stay on a set sleep schedule. None of that makes a difference. Sometimes I take a break mid-day to lie down. Yesterday that little nap was a 2 hours sleep-of-the-dead. And when my eyes opened, I wanted to go right back to sleep. It's debilitating some days, but I manage.

I also found out that I have a touch of bronchitis. Had no idea! He heard deep wheezing in my left lung. He increased my inhaler dosage for the next week and wants me to come back if it doesn't clear up. Damn, and I just thought I was having a little asthma.

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Coal Miner's Granddaughter said...

That sounds like my mom and her restless leg syndrome medication. To fix her restless legs, she takes Requip, which makes her want to sleep all the time.

I know it's got to be frustrating.

Hang in there.