Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Let it begin!

How did I spend new year's eve?

We stayed up til midnight to celebrate together. I've done that every year of my life (as far as I can remember), and I'm a bit superstitious about it. Unless I'm in bed sick, I am up shouting, "Happy new year!" at midnight. Last night my son's plans fell through, so he stayed here with us. We watched a little bit of Planet of the Apes, played Mad Gab, and laughed our butts off at how funny it was trying to figure out the clues in the game. If you're not familiar with the game, it has clue cards. You have to sound out the clue to try and figure out the answer. The clues are phonetic representations of a person, place, thing, or phrase. It's a riot when you're reading the card aloud. You are working against a timer, and if you miss the answer, someone else can "steal."

We had New Year's Rockin' Eve going on the TV and were amazed at the light show they could do with the ball this year, with nearly 10K LED lights. This was a much "greener" ball than the ones in the past, which used incandescent bulbs. This one only used the equivalent of 10 toasters, and they could control a wonderful light show. My hubby said that the ball at the 200 years anniversary would probably be made of plasma so they could control the shape and have all kinds of images in it. We won't be around for that one!

At midnight, we watched the ball drop, hugged, and celebrated without champagne. I can't drink anything, so neither did they. We shared our resolutions with each other before we all collapsed for our first sleep of 2008. My hubby said he wants to lose 20 lbs. My son said he wants to lose 35-40 lbs. I said that I want to finish this &***&^%% novel I'm writing. I think it's the first time I've not had weight loss in my resolutions. (Of course I'm working on the last 10 lbs, but I didn't feel the need to resolve to do it. I'm just doing it). After losing 60 in the last year, I have no doubts.

Well, I guess I'd better go work on that novel! ;-)

Peace and happy new year - D

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Heather said...

Dude, plasma new year's ball in Times Square. I just got a geek girl woody. YEAH!

And Planet of the Apes? I think I'm in love. AWESOME movie! Sounds like you had a great new year's celebration!