Sunday, January 13, 2008

On the Hunt for a Great Template

You might have noticed the change in the look of my blog yesterday. I went diving for some new templates, though I may go back to the other one. It was appropriately brooding and muted. I find the new one I have up easier to read, though. That's important to my eyes, at least.

Today is a Harvey day. Harvey is the name of my cane (says it right on the label!) and when I'm having a tough day with my back or legs, he is my constant companion. He gets me where I want to go. That's just fine with me. Ambulatory is good.

Bodhi-san is doing well. He is running around like nobody's business and doesn't think a thing is wrong. We went to the vet yesterday for his re-check, and they took out another couple of staples. He still has a goose-egg under the incision, so he's going to stay on the antibiotics for another 10 days. Hopefully next Saturday he will get the rest of the staples out. I'm very grateful for his recovery. He's my little buddy.

Nothing much to report otherwise except that I'm doing an elimination test for soy allergy. Do you know how much soy is in just everyday things?? It's crazy. But I remember my uncle starting to grow soybeans on his farm in Georgia in the 70s, before the soy protein craze. I believe the government was already subsidizing farms to start producing this crop. My uncle's gone now, so who knows. I'm not sure anything is being produced on the family farm anymore. My second cousins are in charge and we don't really communicate. It will be interesting to see if some of my allergies improve with the absence of soy.

Peace - D


Jeannine said...

Glad to hear Bodhi is recovering well. There are days when I wish I has a Harvey too. Get some rest my friend.


Heather said...

Very glad Bodhi is on the mend and that you're up and about. Hey, nothing wrong with trying out different templates. Keeps us all on our toes, woman!