Saturday, January 5, 2008

Quick update

Bodhi is home.

He has two drains in his groin, a new 6" incision closed by 15 or so staples, and an e-collar. He is in pain, unhappy, and confined to his crate (which he doesn't seem to care about). He doesn't want me out of his sight. I managed to get him to drink water from a syringe and eat 2 tbsp of canned food. The food was the only thing that got him on his feet. Seems like there is bloody ooze everywhere, and I'm just cleaning as we go and taking care of the little man. I don't imagine I'll sleep much tonight. It's ok. All will be better soon.

Peace - D

p.s. - oh yeah...I got the damned latte. I passed on the pastry though.

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