Wednesday, January 23, 2008

So long, Heath

The news hit me rather hard yesterday. It made me think of when I heard that River Phoenix died. I opened a browser, which pulled up my home page - Yahoo - and the headline was right there. "Heath Ledger: Dead at 28."

What a waste! Of course we don't know yet if it was an intentional overdose, an accidental overdose, a drug interaction, or medication interacting with an underlying medical condition. Who knows? All they've said that makes any sense is that he had been having trouble sleeping, that sometimes he could only sleep for an hour with the aid of 2 Ambien. Boy, do I know that feeling, and I don't have a movie star life. I have had insomnia for Y E A R S, and only Seroquel can help me. The traditional sleep medications don't phase me. Apparently they didn't phase him either.

His role in Brokeback Mountain was touching. Heart-wrenching.

He will be missed. Now his daughter has to grow up without a father. So sad.

My Buddhist beliefs say that he will go on to another life, possibly a happier one, perhaps one that will lead to enlightenment. That's a much happier thought than all the things I was taught in my Christian beliefs - that he might go to a long suffering in hell after a long suffering in life. I tend to believe that hell is here on Earth. Heaven is when we are released from our earthly bindings.

Wherever you are, Heath, I hope you are at peace.

So long.

Peace - D

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Coal Miner's Granddaughter said...

I couldn't believe it, either. So shocking. And I agree with you about an "afterlife." I never could get on board with a Christian ideal of hell that punishes those who had pre-marital sex as severely as murderers. Whatever.