Friday, February 1, 2008

Charlie looked pretty good, for a dead guy

W O W!

The "Oceanic Six?"

"You have to help them!"

Just a smattering of the new mysteries that came out of last night's season premiere of Lost.

Hurly emerged as something of a hero, delivering the bad news to Claire, leading a large group of the survivors into a coup against Jack, off into the jungle with Locke, headed for the barracks that the Others have deserted. Then later on, in the future, when they are rescued, he tells Jack that he shouldn't have gone with Locke. WHAT?

And the mental hospital? Did it look familiar? Did anyone else wonder if the girl with her back to Hurley in the day room was his old flame from the island? It seemed to me that the survivors were living a kind of circular life. This was not Hurly's first time in the mental hospital, but he is far from crazy. In the "future," he is running from Charlie's ghost. As one of the Oceanic Six, he gets treated a little differently by society. He is something of an anomaly. In fact, the cop who arrests him grills him about Anna Lucia. Remember her? Well, he denies he ever met her.

And the mysterious man who came to visit Hurly in the hospital? Who was he? Was he part of the Dharma Initiative? Was he the island? Stranger things have happened in this series.


Note that we only know three of the Oceanic Six: Jack, Kate, and Hurly. Who was in the coffin?? Jack said he was neither friend nor family. Maybe it was Locke? And who else?

47 more episodes for them to develop all these new plot twists. Like episodes in the last 3 seasons, I found myself dying for more at the end.

Is it Thursday again yet??

Have a good Friday, folks - D

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