Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Going off line for a blissful few days

Hello my friends -

Tomorrow is Valentine's Day and as they say in the crazy world of the 'net, "I less than three you" (I <3 you). I appreciate those who respond, those who read without responding, and even the spiders that crawl my site to put me into the search engines. Happy V-day.

Tomorrow my hubby and I will be dropping off the little Bodhi-man at a lovely little boarding kennel in Strasburg, VA, on our way to Orlando for a little R and R. Lily will stay home with the boy (our son) and our cats. Dear daughter's cat is "supposed" to go home tomorrow. He can handle the 3 cats and Lily. Any more than that would be pushing it. He has to go to school and to work.

Wow. I just started two paragraphs with the word "tomorrow." Can you tell I'm excited?

This week has been a trial. Nothing has been predictable at work or at home. Dear daughter was in the hospital with blood clots, but she's home now. Hopefully she can stay out of the hospital. She needs to work and support herself. 'nuff said. There's a whole story there. Not for this forum.

I am so excited about tomorrow. It's been a long time since we took a trip away from here. In 2006, I had what they thought was a stroke on the way home from my mom's funeral. I've been either in hospitals or at doctor's appointments constantly since then. We have tried to take a trip away twice since then, but something has always come up. This way. We need this vacation too badly. I'm trusting myself and the great Beyond to see to it that I am healthy and happy during this few days away.

I will be taking a computer with me, but I doubt I'll be posting a blog. More than likely I'll simply be relaxing and checking in with my son now and then. I mean to get some pool and beach time. Hopefully I can get some video, too.

May you all have a wonderful weekend coming up. I'll be gone from tomorrow evening through our anniversary February 19th. It's our silver anniversary!!! How many people can say that anymore? Oh, it isn't that we haven't come to the brink a few times. I don't know any long-lived marriage that hasn't. The trick is to get through that and still love each other.

How's that for a Valentine's Day post?

Hugs all around - Peace - D


Anonymous said...

Hope you have a wonderful time away with hubby. You both deserve the time together without distraction.


Coal Miner's Granddaughter said...

Happy Valentine's Day, Happy Silver Anniversary, and happy Orlando vacation, hon! Have a great time... you deserve it!