Saturday, March 8, 2008

For Every Action (Part 1)

This is part one, because my day is about to be interrupted for a trip to the vet. It seems to me that my life has been taken over by sickness in my house. We brought our daughter home from the hospital last night, where she had spent the night getting 2 pints of blood, and now my cat (CC, the one who was pictured in my WW post) is peeing blood.

This isn't the first time this has happened. It happened once just after my neck surgery in Feb '06. I guess she missed her mommy, because she developed cystitis. Shortly after that, I had to head for Georgia because my mother was dying.

The next time it happened was right after we took in our daughter's cat, when our daughter was in the hospital in Baltimore for kidney problems. My daughter's cat doesn't get along with my cat. She stalks her and waits for her at the litter box to attack. So my cat is holding her pee and has another round of cystitis going on. Time for fluids and pain medication for her. She's a very sensitive girl.

I'm not sure what to do to rectify the situation. I have multiple cat boxes in the house that get cleaned regularly. I now have a small litter box in my daughter's room and am confining her cat in there with her at night so that my cat has free roam of the house. I'm tempted to call a Siamese rescue to take both of my daughter's cats. The other one, a male, has to get picked up today from her old place. And frankly, if anything else happens around here, my head might really explode!

Oh, and did I tell you that my dryer broke? Oh yes. My hubby and son tried to fix the old one. We thought it was the timer circuit board, so we ordered a new one and they put it in. It didn't fix the problem. The only other thing that could be causing the symptoms its having is an over-heating motor. The set is probably 15 years old (came with the place), so it's not worth fixing. We are having a new washer and dryer delivered tomorrow. It is nowhere near as fancy as Coal Miner's Granddaughter bought recently, so I'm very envious of her! I tried to stay on a small budget, because I hope to take another vacation later this year. That is more important to me than a gorgeous red front-loader set...with steam settings...a million digital features...shiny chrome....((sniff...sniff)). Seriously, these will be just fine. Extra-large capacity Kenmores with enough features for the 4 adults living in my household.

So my day is going to be like this:
- Put my cat in the bathroom with a litter box filled with those plastic pellets that will allow her to scratch in something but me to get a urine specimen from her.
- Grocery shop
- Take the cat to her 11 am appointment
- Clean like a fiend

And then I'll post the before and after pics of my ongoing gray experiment. Really, it's very subtle. The new stylist is AWESOME. Love her! She did a fantastic job with the color and with the cut. What we decided to do is to use a shade lighter than what I had on my hair previously, do heavy highlighting with that, and cut off old growth. Gradually, we'll go lighter with the highlights and will eventually have all of the old color off. When I'm ready, I'll just stop dying it or highlighting it altogether. There won't be those every 4-week maintenance runs. I will get it highlighted at my leisure. It's going to be just fine.

For any men reading this, be thankful you're not expected to do this. Ugh. I don't know why we women put ourselves through the bother.

Peace - D

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Coal Miner's Granddaughter said...

Hey, sorry I haven't been by in a while! Whew! What a weekend...

Anyhoo, you can come down anytime and use my pretty babies. I can share! :-)