Saturday, March 8, 2008

For Every Action (Part 2)

Writing about my Gray Experiment here..
I'm only posting because I promised, and I like to keep my word. But I will tell you right now that I'm not overly happy with my photos. Okay, I'm downright UNHAPPY with my photos. I don't think this is how I look in every day life. I'm very unphotogenic, but it seems that since my weight loss last year, I have become haggard. I've lost some of that Susan Sarandon look, too, because of having to wear glasses. Sucks getting older.

Hence, the name of my posts. For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. This goes along with my Buddhist beliefs. Karma (deeds) has consequences. When we are in negative equity, so to speak, we are continually caught in the cycle of samsara (rebirth). What has this got to do with weight loss? I'm not sure, but the two times in my life that I've been the thinnest have been when I've looked the most haggard, at least to me. I lose that rosy glow. My face sags. But I fit into smaller clothing. My mother was the same way, but being too plump led to some obesity-related illnesses, like diabetes. I'm trying to avoid that. I hope that I can. My mother had to lose weight, but it was too late for her. Losing her made me resolve to lose weight.

So 60 lbs lost, and my blood pressure is normal, blood glucose is normal, cholesterol is still a little high (but I can't take statins) but not in the danger zone. However, I look haggard. I wish I could afford some work. Not Botox, but one of those lifestyle lifts or something. I need a little something. We've just been hit with too many emergencies since Mom died in 2006. It has drained away any money I could have used to fix myself up. My husband and kids think I'm too hard on myself, but I like to look good - sure I do. Doesn't every woman want to look good? Well, enough of my fretting. I meant to show you how the hair appointment went. For every action...(worrying about the gray)...there is an equal and opposite reaction...(dying it, or in my case highlighting the heck out of it and cutting off old growth...)

This is my "after" picture. Notice that you can't really notice the gray (too much) right now. I do plan to grow the length back, though, because I liked the length. It feels a lot healthier now, though. And I guess maybe it's time to invest in some Olay Regenerist? Cheaper than a facelift.

Oh...and the cat is going to be okay. She got fluids and pain meds this morning and is going to be put on Elavil if she doesn't calm down soon. Figures that my cat is as neurotic as me! Peace - D


Shrinky said...

Hey there you!

You look FAB!!!!

(Speaking as someone who also lost 55lbs not so long back, I know how much commitment that took.)

People are downright nasty to fat folk, you feel invisible, apologetic and unwanted. I'll never forget how that felt - and I hope I never will.

Celebrate - you've earned it. x

Coal Miner's Granddaughter said...

Woman, I am going to have to drive up there and beat the crud out of you.

You. Look. GREAT!

I like your hair and hope when I'm ready to go that route with my hair that it looks as good as yours!

Babe, you're awesome! :-)

PS Glad kitty is OK. When my snowshoe goes all neurotic, he barfs. On my off-white carpet. Joy.

Not Afraid To Use It said...

The hair turned out great! Though I have always been a fan of longer hair over short, I will say that I look forward to it growing out a bit so we can have matching ponytails at the hockey games! LOL

Momma said...

Shrinky: Thanks! Congratulations to you on your weight loss, as well. My cardiologist had the nerve to tell me I could stand to lose another 5 according to the insurance charts. I wanted to throttle her.

CMGD: Thanks1 Feel free to drive up! I'm sure I could stand to have the crud beat out of me ;-)

NATUI: I have only enough for a teeny-tiny ponytail right now, but I'll work on it! Hope we can catch a hockey game sooner than that, though!

Peace - D