Monday, March 31, 2008

The MS Walk

Hello everyone...

Fundraising isn't really my strong suit, but this year I have committed to participation in the Frederick area's MS Walk, coming up on Sunday. My team, the Bulldoggers, is still about $500 away from our goal for this event, and I would appreciate it if you could consider donating even a little bit toward the cause.

You can donate here.

While I have not gotten my tentative diagnosis of MS confirmed (see my post Bittersweet Day), there is definitely something going wrong. I have met so many wonderful people who suffer from this disease that I have become even more firmly committed to the cause. Every dollar we raise helps not only fund research but also provides services to those in our area living with the disease.

I've not been able to do a lot of exercise the last few months, but I am committing to a daily 30-minute walk in preparation for Sunday. It is to be a 5K walk, and my son and husband are joining me. It will be a wonderful event, and I hope that you will consider helping us reach our goal.

Thanks a million! D

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