Monday, March 24, 2008

Weird News

Every now and then I trawl Digg to find interesting and odd news stories. There is an abundance of them, and I can usually only make it through a few before I feel overwhelmed and have to move on to happier haunts. Here are a few tidbits I thought I would share:

Doctor Rips Woman a New One

A hospital in Bavaria is being sued by a woman who went in for a leg operation and instead was given a new anus. The surgical team mistook her for a woman who was suffering from incontinence and needed surgery on her sphincter. The woman still has to have an operation on her leg and is seeking a new clinic to do that operation. I think I might put big red flags all over the surgical site next time. Scary!

Cats Slash Stroke Risk

(unless they are declawed?) Seems that owning and regularly petting your kitty can reduce your stroke risk by a third. If this is the case, I currently have a -1 stroke risk (but my asthma isn't happy!)

Little Old Laser Lady

Good for this woman! She is suing some of the major tech giants (including Sony and Samsung) for infringing on her patents for laser and light-emitting diodes. Not nearly as noteworthy as the discussion among commenters about the ways in which the English language has broken down on the 'net, kicked off in the first comment by a guy who said the woman looked like his "neibor." Don't even get me started.

And here is one that I think we can all use, particularly on a Monday...

12 Ways to Live More Like a Zen Monk

And I'm not talking lopping off the cajones, here. Different religious tradition. The gist of this list is to single-task, to pay attention, and to slow down. I am bookmarking this one to refer to later. Right now, I will probably read it hourly.

Peace - D


Not Afraid to Use It said...

Very interesting. The whole "wrong" surgery story thing just scares the shit out of me. I have had way too many surgeries (with more to come) to take that kind of article lightly.

Coal Miner's Granddaughter said...

"Petting your kitty" - You know, that can be taken two ways, and both, I'm sure, would lower your stroke-risk! :-)