Tuesday, April 29, 2008


Admittedly, my post yesterday wasn't much fun, but then again life sometimes isn't.

I think that the whole world is a little nuts right now. I normally don't watch the news, but my hubby is a news junkie. It's quite likely that I wouldn't know what was going on if it weren't for him. So far today I've heard:
  • This year 24% of our corn crops are going to ethanol; next year it will be 32%. The story went on to tell about how this is going to impact the cost of many of our foods, not just corn but also the animals we eat that consume corn.
  • Gas prices shown no sign of stopping their upward spiral.
  • Heparin imported from China (some of it) has been tampered with and has killed people. (Our daughter's clotting disorder means she often has to have Heparin administered through an IV).
Need I go on? I won't. I don't want to think about it anymore. Nor do I want to think about what's going on at work. Today I just kept my head down, stuck to plan, and took on some more work that a colleague needed help with.

One fun thing I'm working on? Coming up with a new look for my blog. Blogger's templates are just...boring me. So I'm looking elsewhere. Stay tuned for the new look!

Tomorrow evening I have a poetry reading at the University of Maryland/University College. I'll be reading one or two of my own poems, a poem by Maya Angelou, and a poem by one of the students who cannot attend. We are expecting a good turn-out. I've been working with this group for a few years now. I usually produce the program and do a reading. It's great fun! I think in tomorrow's blog I'll simply share the poems that I'll be reading. That way you can attend "virtually."

Take care, all, and for goodness sake, stay away from the news!

Peace - and good night, D


Josie said...

I just read your earlier post. You need to move to Canada. Believe me, that would never, ever happen here. Quite the opposite, in fact. Perhaps you need to find another company.

Please post some of your poems. I would love to read them!

Momma said...

Josie, my dear, you make Canada sound like a wonderful next leap for me!

Trust me, I'll be thinking about it...Peace - D

Daryl E said...

I agree the news stinks. But finding a new template is a good idea .. in fact GMTA .. I have been looking around at other blogs and sizing up styles/templates .. so far I havent seen any I "must" have and since I am not a fan of change and still adjusting to the new office I may wait .. but I look forward to seeing what you do .. NOT that I think this isnt a nice template .. :)Daryl

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