Friday, April 4, 2008

I'm a little worried about my tree

Despite the chilly temperatures this fine April morning, Spring is springing. I have daffodils showing off their pretty little heads in the beds out front. The grass is greening up. The first lawn waste pick-up of the season hauled away two large bags of leaves, twigs, and weeds for us yesterday. The trees on either side of us (we live in a townhouse) are in full bloom.

I'm just a little worried about my little Japanese maple in the front yard. It's not showing signs of budding yet. We moved into this townhouse in October 2006, and the tree was still showing off its beautiful red leaves at that point. I don't remember when it budded last year, but I know that it did seem to dump its leaves all at once. I mentioned to my husband that we should talk to the next door neighbor about cutting back his willow a bit. It's starting to crowd out the sun for our little maple tree.

It may seem like such a small thing to worry about, but I love the foliage that I have. I'm going to have my work cut our for me this season, as I need to replace some rose bushes that have become diseased and frail. (Good thing my hubby doesn't look at me that way, huh?) If I do any vegetables at all, it will be in containers on the deck, because my backyard doesn't get enough sun.

I don't want to have to replace the tree, too. I'll be watching those branches with interest, waiting for those first buds. Hoping that I don't have to replace a tree. Ugh.

How are your gardens growing?

Peace - D


imac said...

Hi, you have an interesting blog here.
just wait , I bet them buds will grow well.

Thanks for visiting my blog and your kind comments.

Childlife said...

Hi DP ~ Our Japanese maple hasn't budded yet either (and it's a monster and takes over the island flower bed in front of our house every year). Don't worry I think there are lots of lovely red leaves still in your future! ;)

CrazyCath said...

My garden is starting to grow. Some of it is on my blog (My bit of Paradise *smile*).

I think your maple may be ok for a while but it does need some sun.
I like your blog. You have some good stuff here!

Suldog said...

The only living thing I worry about, and fret over - aside from relatives and friends - is a poinsettia I got two years ago at Christmas and have managed to keep going since then. I planted him outside last year, brought him inside this winter, and will re-plant him outside again when the weather gets consistently nice enough for such a southern type of plant.

I wrote a little Christmas-type story about him this past holiday season. If interested...

Josie said...

My Japanese Maple just looks like a bunch of scrawny twigs, and everything else is in full bloom and leaf. I do know that Japanese Maples tend to do that. All of a sudden you will see budding leaves on it. And then in the fall, it will drop them just as suddenly. *poof*

The Vancouver Cherry Blossom Festival is on right now in Vancouver. It's beautiful.

Not Afraid to Use It said...

Glad to see everyone giving you hope about your maple!

I will have to make sure not to let LittleBird see your daffodils. All she wants to do is pick them bc her Grampa let her pick them in his yard. Now, everyday on the way home from school she points out each yard that has them. I find myself very wary. LOL

Josie said...

Momma, I have just come over to applaud you for your comments on my blog. Take a bow! Brilliant!

:::applause! applause! applause!:::

I feel exactly the same way you do, and it's nice to see I am not alone.

Maggie May said...

I have a small Japanese Maple in a pot on the patio in a sheltered place, because they are very susceptible to cold winds that can kill them. Mine is in bud. Yours should be showing signs of life by now.
Hope it isn't a gonner. Fingers crossed!

Momma said...

imac - Thanks for visiting my blog. I hope to see you around more.

childlife - Thanks! It's good to know that my tree isn't out of the norm.

crazycath - Thanks for the props. I really have fun with this blog and love my readers.

Suldog - gotta go read about that poinsettia. My mother always loved them, but I can't have them around my pets - poisonous!

Josie - Loved your blog topic today! Wow, did you get people stirred up or WHAT?

Maggie May - Thanks! I hope mine buds soon. I am looking forward to the color in the fall.

NATUI - I'll have to take some photos of my daffodils, just for LittleBird!

Peace - D

Max-e said...

Hi Momma , thanks foe visiting the maxfiles and for the comments. It is always nice to have new visitors.
Don't worry about the tree, maybe your tree is just a late bloomer:)
Btw I have a very small garden, which is filled with perrenials (mostly lavendar) that need little care, other than water. We have downsized from about 5 acres to about 30 square metres - what a pleasure.

Akelamalu said...

I have three japanese maples and it never ceases to amaze me how they die back to a twig (I always think I've lost them) and then those first buds appear. Mine are budding now, I hope your's do too. :)