Wednesday, April 2, 2008


So my friend Heather, over at Coal Miner's Granddaughter, is currently diving off the coast of Turks & Caicos. Yeah. Without moi. Rather than plotting ways to stow myself in her duffle bag next time she goes diving, I figured I'll allow myself to be tagged by her blanket meme. (Yes, she is still blogging in absentia via her husband, Ty-Man, who is pushing the button daily, much like Desmond was doing all those months/years in the Hydra station on the island of "Lost.") So here goes.

If you want to do this little fun thing yourself, here are the instructions:

1. Go to
2. Type in your answer to the questions below in the “search” box.

3. Use only the first page.
4. Insert the picture into your blog.

Here goes.....

1) What is your relationship status?

2) What is your current mood?

3) Who i
s your favorite musical artist? (It was hard to pick just one!)

4) Wha
t is your favorite movie?

5) What
kind of pet do you have? Two of a herd of cats

6) Where
do you live?

7) Where do you work?
(not actually MY home office...)

8) What do you look like?

(well...on a good day, I do...)

9) What do you drive?

10) What did you do last night?

11) Wh
at is your favorite TV show?

12) Describe yourself.

I exist to put words on the page, though I am a little outdated ;-)

13) What are you doing today?

14) What is your name?

(Don't ask me who this was one of the photos that came up!)

15) What is your favorite candy?


Lori said...

I saw you on CMGD's comments and dropped by to take a look. Loved it!
(And I have to show my total geek-ness by saying that #14 is Rita Hayworth -I think)
Nice finding you!

Momma said...

Thanks, Lori!

I thought that photo might be Rita, also. But since my name isn't Rita, it makes no sense why she popped up for my name as the search term!


Shrinky said...

"I'm married but it's not serious"

(Ooooh, I love it!!)


MamaGeek said...

What a fun meme! You had me at chocolate - you're my new best friend - now can we share it? :)

Momma said...

Shrinky - I know, I had to use that one!

Mamageek - Come on over. The chocolate is fine...

Peace - D

Josie said...

OH, that's great. I love it! And lucky you to look like Susan Sarandon!

Chocolate is not only my favorite candy, it is my favorite food. I can't exist without it.

Momma said...

Hi Josie!

Well, like I said - on a good day (and without my glasses) I do somewhat favor Susan, particularly around the eyes. When I was younger, I got more of the Drew Barrymore comparisons. It's flattering! If only I had their financial portfolios, too!

Peace - D