Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Order of Reading

I have nothing today for Wordless Wednesday, so you'll just have to put up with my Wordy Wednesday! Following on the heels of my post about saying "no" yesterday, I decided to grab up the next book in the stack to read before bed last night. The end result? My sensibilities were badly jangled.

The next book in the stack was "Lean Mean Thirteen" by Janet Evanovich. Considering I had been immersed in pre-Elizabethan England with Philippa Gregory, it was not only difficult to jump into an Evanovich book, it was also annoying! Her books are tongue-in-cheek stories about a female bounty hunter who gets cases from her cousin Vinnie, a bondsman. She has riotously funny adventures and misadventures. At least one car always gets destroyed, and she is torn between two men in her life. I enjoy her books because they entertain me. I enjoyed Gregory's books because they educated me and sucked me in. I love history, so I am amazed at what she can do within a framework of facts.

Maybe I needed to cleanse my palate first with a few short stories or some poetry. Going right from one style to a completely different one was unnerving. I had to put the book down after ten pages. I know that I'll be able to pick it up and finish it, but last night was not the time.

A situation in my house is calling for me to find that kind of escapism that Evanovich can offer. I need to give myself a reason to stop thinking about the situation and to get me breathing again. I find that I hold my breath and clench a lot when I'm under this kind of stress. Not good!

So later today, during a break, I'm going to hit another 10 pages or so of Evanovich. I will miss reading Gregory, but hopefully she will continue to publish so I can spend my hard-earned money lining her coffers :-) It's okay. A good book is worth its weight in gold.

Peace - D


KathyLikesPink said...

I read "The Other Bolelyn Girl" several years ago when it first came out. I just finished "The Bolelyn Inheritance" which, of course, was VERY good. This period of english history is fascinating to me.

I've read some Evanovich and I know what you mean. I have to be in the right mood for "light and fluffy".

the mother of this lot said...

Hi Momma! Just called to say thanks for visiting! I've enjoyed reading your posts - I'll be back!

Jennifer H said...

I love buying books, too, and I hardly ever give them away. And I don't often use the library. Think of all the writers we're supporting. Or the publishers, at least. :-)

Daryl E said...

I am a book slut. When our offices were 'upstairs' we shared the floor with the editorial offices of a magazine whose reviewers regularly 'tossed' out pre-pub books and I got to glom on to a load of wonderfulness which I shared with friends... and occasionally got to read books by authors I already knew and loved. Now I am back to .. where this morning I ordered a book a friend insisted I buy about healing your bad back .. I'll let you know if it works. And of course I had .. had .. to get a few others .. John Sandford, Robert Ferrigno .. so when they arrive they'll go to the bottom of the existing pile. Did I mention I am a book whore?

Momma said...

Kathy - I am in love with the whole Tudor period now. I loved "The Boleyn Inheritance." There is a book out now about Jane Boleyn that supposedly defends her. I can't read it yet because it's full-price hardcover, and I'm not buying any new books yet! I will check the library.

MOTL - You have an adorable blog. I'll be checking it out again.

Jennifer H - My home is a testament to how many authors I support :-) I have decided to start parting with a lot of the non-fiction that I will never read again, though, but many of the books stay, certainly the classics and the ones by my favorites.

Daryl E - A woman after my own heart! I used to be friends with a girl who owned a book store, so I got a lot of the advanced reads. Unfortunately she gave me lots of mystery and crime fiction. Not exactly my genre. I couldn't seem to get the hint across that I wanted more literary stuff!

Peace - D

Dr.John said...

Everybody needs a place to escape to. A good novel or even a bad one issuch a place.
Your right though it is hard to go from one kid of book to one that is so very different.
But now you haqve hada little time the next ten pages will be better.

backpakker said...

Books are a great way of escaping reality..Ive been doing it for the last few months...and I buy a book when I am down and out..

MamaGeek said...

Getting lost in a book is fantastic. Where else can time pass by so fast? Oh, yeah - blogging. :)

Momma said...

Dr. John - Thanks for visiting my site. Glad to know another book lover!

Backpakker - I love books. I have always loved books. I just don't "get" people who don't read. How could anyone not like reading? Thanks for visiting.

MamaGeek - Yes, blogging is almost as absorbing as reading!

Peace - D