Saturday, April 26, 2008

Sundays Off

No worries, I'll keep writing my Sunday Soapbox editions, but for everything else, I'm taking Sundays off.

I got the idea from a friend of mine who owns his own business and is the father of six children. He is an amazing person, and so is his wife. We met when we both worked at the Naval Hospital at Camp Lejeune, NC. We were computer operators who worked rotating shifts and would often spend an hour or so together as one of us was getting off work and the other was coming on. One of the things I learned from him is to take some time off now and then. That isn't to say I applied it to my own life, but it sounded like a good idea (and it seemed to work for him).

Well, recently life has started to get a little hectic, more so than usual, so I considered the day off idea. I mentioned it to my hubby and he agreed that a day off would be awesome. What I mean by the day off is that we get our chores and shopping done on Saturday so that on Sunday we can relax before we have to start the whole darned week over again.

I know what you're thinking. "That won't work for me, because I have this, and that, and the other thing to do...I have this many kids...I run a restaurant...whatever." As I said, my friend has six kids. He runs his own business. His wife is a stay at home mom (who looks as amazing as she did before having all of those kids...all single births, by the way!) Yet they manage to take a day off a week.

We are on week two of our experiment, and I can tell you that we're both looking forward to tomorrow. We actually work harder on Saturdays now, not saying, "I'll do that tomorrow" and ending up spreading the chores through the whole weekend. Today we did our "hunting and gathering" (shopping), dropped off a slew of stuff at Goodwill (thereby making room in the garage), cleaned up an ink spot under the bed (it's a Bodhi story), mopped the tile floors, scrubbed the master bath, cleaned cat boxes, cleaned the kitchen, cut the grass, and stripped wallpaper border from the office upstairs. It was a full day, shared by the three of us.

Tomorrow? We'll sleep in, have a leisurely breakfast, take the dogs for a walk (if the rain stops), go get a coffee, maybe go see a movie. Read the paper. Write a few poems. Maybe work on some of my other writing. It will be a nice ending to the too-short break from work.

My friend, I know, does it partly for religious reasons. I was brought up with leisurely Sundays, too, but somewhere along the way, my day filled up. I don't know when or how it happened, but I know that in this country, where we talk about God a lot during political campaigns, we gave up our Sundays. It became a status symbol to work ourselves to death. Well, whether it's for religious purposes or not, I'm taking Sundays off.

I'm looking forward to sleeping in :-)

Peace - D


Daryl E said...

Great advice and a do-able thing for sure .. I work all week in an office outside the house but Husband works at home .. I do all my errands - the ones he doesnt get to do during the week when he isnt with a client - and Sunday is for lazying .. I meet a gal pal for walk thru the local flea if weather permits or I sit on the couch w/Husband and we veg out together watching a movie or play catch up with the DVR'd shows I was too tired to stay up to watch. Enjoy your day off .. you deserve it! Daryl

Baroness von Bloggenschtern said...

Great post, and very relaxing!

A while ago, I decided to stop wearing my watch on the weekends. Our weekday lives are so dictated by schedule and timetable that I wanted something to delineate the week from the weekend. It really slows things down - in a good way. Enjoy your Sunday.