Monday, April 7, 2008

There is a Spammer About

It shouldn't have been a huge surprise to me, because this woman targeted a friend's blog recently. She must have followed me from there. She proceeded to then go to my husband's blog and call me a baby machine and writer wannabe who barely finished high school. Obviously she is misinformed and misguided. The scary thing is that she is a healthcare worker in the mental health industry. I'd say she should be a patient!

See Paul's blog here and his post "A Sphincter Says What?"

Watch out for odd comments that are abusive and seem to come from someone you don't know. She is on the prowl for more fresh meat. I wonder if there is anything we can do to shut her down?

(P.S. - Yes, I flagged her blog, though according to the policies of Blogger, she hasn't done anything wrong - unless I had a court order to stop her harassment. Hopefully she will just get bored and go away. Her troll name is "Gracey" and she's at newwanderingcoyote. But don't give her the benefit of visits to her site, please, just keep an eye out for her.)



Maggie May said...

Blimey! Flag her name!
There's an award waiting for you over my place for a cuppa & a chat!

CrazyCath said...

Yes - please flag her name if that's reasonable netiquette. The link broke on your post.

It's scary that she is a MH nurse - scarier that I have worked with people like this. I often say if that is how they treat colleagues, God help their patients. How do these people qualify? How do they live with themselves?

There's another going about that targets you for spam mail - watch your inbox. If a familiar name is marked as unknown or unsafe, it probably is. ;0)

Thanks for heads up - stops panic attacks!! I've linked you on my blogroll thing.

Coal Miner's Granddaughter said...

Dude, seriously? People get that bored and feel the need to spam blogs with worthless, hurtful comments?

Oh, please. Gracey? Come on over to my place and just try that crap with me. We can go a couple of rounds. You don't mess with my friends...

Akelamalu said...

What a sad, moronic person she must be. :(