Sunday, April 6, 2008

Yes! I Did It!

And boy am I tired!

(Not us...random people in the picture to the right at the start/finish line).

Today was the MS Walk in Frederick, where I live, but instead of the beautiful, sunny and warm weather that had been predicted all week, we were treated to damp drizzle and occasional rain. Instead of a t-shirt and shorts, it was workout clothes, a hoodie and a rain jacket. We had a team picture taken just before the 5K walk started, but I'm not sure when those will come in. Though I reminded myself countless times to remember the camera, I still forgot it and so only got shots with my cell phone.

The shot you see below was taken just after the halfway point. I thought that the bridge was so lovely. Just there at the forward water's edge, you may not be able to notice the drop-off. It was quite pretty, really. On the other side, a stream ran through Baker Park and ducks were taking turns bouncing through some minor rapids. The light was so poor that I didn't even try for the shot, though. The ducks were of all varieties, just beautiful.

It really was a wonderful day. We started with the registration and getting our t-shirts for having raised a certain amount of money. There was no place to sit and a long wait for the start, so we went back to the car for me to rest my legs. Many people had brought their dogs along for the walk, which we hadn't done because of Lily's arthritis and because we were told the dogs would not be allowed inside the Middle School building. (That rule was quickly bent because of the weather). We admired many dogs: Chihuahuas, Boston Terriers, Labradors, German Shepherds, Yorkshire Terriers, and so on. It made me really miss my own, but I was fretful enough about whether I could actually finish the entire walk.
At the halfway point, they had snacks and water. Hubby ran over and grabbed a bagel and a bottle of water. I was chewing on some sugarless gum to keep my mouth moist. Too much water would have meant another mad dash to the little girls' room at the school, which was too reminiscent of my own school years and which I did not wish to revisit. In case you were wondering, the stalls were painted over many times and were currently a messy glop of dark green. (And oh, by the way, "Jake is Hot!") The hot and cold water faucets were separate and could not be turned on unless you held them in the on position. It's not wonder kids don't wash their hands! T oo much bother!

It was just after this halfway point at which my strength began to waver. I was wondering if I should have had a bagel or an apple myself, but it's hard to explain. It isn't that my blood sugar was low or that I was hungry. My legs just suddenly felt as though they did not wish to go on. There were no shuttles or golf carts to come to the rescue, which I thought was odd. I held tightly onto my husband's arm and got through it. I kept reassuring them (and myself) that at the finish line we could rest and have snacks, water, and food that was being brought in from Outback Steakhouse (not one of my favorite restaurants, but my son likes it well enough).

I made it to the Rita's Italian Ice table just before the entrance to the school and took two bites of a cherry Italian ice. Delicious, but the very effort of raising the spoon to my mouth seemed like it was more than I could do. Just inside the doors, there was a woman directing traffic toward the food. I could see that all of those ahead of us on the trail were already seated at the long lunch tables in the cafeteria. The last of my strength escaped me. I leaned into the wall and shook my head.

"Need to go?" my knight in shining cotton jersey asked me.

I nodded in return. "Need to rest," I said.

And so my heroes, my own personal ones (husband and son, shown below), led me off to the car and out to a late breakfast at one of our favorite diners. I plowed through the food as though I hadn't had a bowl of cereal some five hours earlier. When we got home, I curled up in my bed and slept for three hours solid. When I woke up, I thought about turning over and sleeping for three more, but I decided to save the rest of it for tonight. It indeed wore me out, but it was for a wonderful cause. Hopefully the little we were able to raise will make a difference. Next year, I'll have a better handle on it.

The event had been described to me as one that would bring me to tears, but I must admit that I may have missed that part by leaving early. So be it. I had to rest. Maybe next year I will do better and can sit and cry with the best of them.

For now, it's time for another rest and preparation for the week ahead.

I wish you all health and happiness. Peace - D


Not Afraid to Use It said...

I am so proud of you! What an amazing accomplishment! And I love that you included the photos. Very cool. How are your muscles doing today?

Momma said...

Thanks, NATUI! My muscles are still rebelling against me right now. I feel like a noodle. But I know that I'll be stronger soon. It was so worth it!

Peace - D