Saturday, May 17, 2008

Get to Know Me

I've been tagged by CrazyCath over at CrazyCath's Reflections for a meme in which I tell you a little more about me than you may already know from reading my blog. Since I have a busy day on tap, I take this on with gratitude. It should get me out of here on time to shower and hit the road. Here are the rules...(because naturally I'm tagging more people when I'm done!):

Here we go. First -

The Rules:

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1. When I was younger, I was quite creative with the crafty things. My mother used to say I was more patient than she was, that she could never do those tedious little things (crewel embroidery, calligraphy, pen/ink drawings). And yet she crocheted lace doilies, sewed many of our clothes, and made beautiful afghans. Now I'm the impatient one. Maybe it comes with motherhood? I rarely do any of that stuff anymore.

2. I used to be quite a good piano player. I played in the school jazz band (though I wasn't good enough for our band director's taste...I had no competition for the job) and was recorded (on album) doing an accompaniment with my high school chorus (of which I was a member - second soprano) on "Make Me an Instrument of Thy Peace." I gave up the piano a few years back, but I'm considering taking it up again.

3. This probably isn't a huge secret, and it's probably not all that unique; I hate to clean. I mean, I like a clean house, but I've developed a real aversion to the heavy cleaning that is required to keep a house in order, probably because I am allergic to all kinds of things and because I nearly always hurt my back or neck when I have to scrub the tub or something. Therefore, hubby gets stuck with those chores a lot. I do the other cleaning but I H-A-T-E it! The only thing that makes it tolerable is if I put on some loud music while doing it.

4. I miss wearing high heels, and I'm jealous of women who can wear them. I used to wear them to school and anywhere that I could. I hated wearing flat, sensible shoes when working in restaurants or movie theaters, but now that's all I can wear. The ball of my foot can't take the pressure when I stand up in high heels. Of course, my dear hubby thinks heels aren't to be worn out of the house. ;-)

5. I had myself a slow, thorough meltdown after my mom died in early 2006. I can scarcely believe it now, what happened with my life, but it's true. I have been in therapy since two months after her death. I didn't think that it affected me all that much, but now that I'm coming out the other end of the tunnel, I can see how dark it was inside.

6. I wanted a third child but didn't have one. I could never quite make up my mind whether to go for it or not. We have had money struggles, have moved around a lot, and have trouble making decisions like those. We were afraid, I think, of rocking the boat, because when we were talking about having another child, our daughter was hitting the point at when she was really acting out--just a precursor to what was to come. In hindsight, we made the right decision, but I still wonder, what if?

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CrazyCath said...

Great post and thanks for doing it Momma. Thanks for all your comments at mine different posts too! I think we have been chasing each other today catching up! lol

Start the piano again. You'll love it. And I am with you on e the heels - I never used to wear less than 2 inch heels - now I cannot wear more than 1 inch (only in an evening) and flat or half inch for a whole day. :0(

Daryl said...

OY .. I am tagged .. well I will do this tomorrow... that Cath ..

highlander1463 said...

I actually kind of knew all this, but I didn't want to give it away. And the thing about high heel? It is actually that they are not for walking in :-D


highlander1463 said...

Oh, mine is done...


Daryl said...

Mine is up!

Jennifer H said...

I hate to clean, too. I'm lucky enough to have a cleaning service come every two weeks, but in between (with 2 kids and a dog) there's still plenty to be done.

I definitely think you should take up playing piano again.

Great list.

Momma said...

Cath - We actually have an electronic keyboard downstairs that I think I'll plug the headphones into, see how I like it. I had a *real* piano before, but it was loud in our small townhouse.

Daryl - Thanks for doing this. Loved your list!

Highlander (aka Hubby) - Yeah, I saw yours :-) *smooch*

Jennifer - I used to have a cleaning service come in monthly to do the heavy cleaning, but as part of our belt-tightening, that is gone. More's the pity!

Peace - D

Maggie May said...

I was tagged by Suburbia with the same thing. I am delaying it for a few days.
There is always something to learn about some one else, isn't there?

Momma said...

Maggie -

No worries! Memes were fun in the beginning, but I'm starting to realize that they aren't fun for everyone, and we're all getting to the point where we have to wrack our brains for something new to say.

Peace - D

Lavinia Ladyslipper said...

Very interesting.

I still can't figure out what a meme is.

Third child? Gee, that's a tough one....I guess it will always be a case of 'what if'....

I'm with you on the heels....BIG sigh...

Ditto the cleaning. I wish I could get down and wax my wood floors, like I used to be able to do...but I might not be able to get back up again!

Lastly, the piano....if it gave you pleasure to play, then by all means I think it would be great for you to "tickle the ivories" again..

Tough going regarding your mom's passing. I haven't had to cross that bridge yet....

I hope the light at the end of the tunnel continues to get brighter for you...