Friday, May 2, 2008

Pink Flowers and Dreams

All flowers have been pink to me lately, or at least it seems that way. I have a large flowering tree out back that resembles a crepe myrtle, but I don't think it is. It bloomed with the most gorgeoud blossoms that made the bees ecstatic. It was so beautiful that I forgot what it did after it bloomed - it carpeted my yard with the tiny oval petals of the cast-off blossoms, a soft rug of pink. Bodhi loves to pick up sticks, long blades of grass, and any manner of goose poop as we go for our daily walks, so imagine what he did with the pink blossoms! He looked like he was frothing pink at the mouth. little petals of pink stuck to his chin, his nose, and his tongue. Dog heaven.

In the front yard, I have an azalea (variety: "Satin Robe") that is in full bloom (an example is shown in the picture above, courtesy of the Azalea Society). When Bodhi saw it for the first time, he promptly snatched a blossom only to spit it out immediately. He had already decapitated several daffodils before we could stop him, and now he had taken one of the precious few blossoms from my azalea bush! (Ah, how I miss the azalea festival in Wilmington, NC!) We managed to get him away from the azaleas and avoid having him snatch one of the pink tulips that ring my tree out front.

Pink flowers everywhere I look. Beautiful. So I wasn't surprised on Tuesday when I saw a field of pink calla lilies while my physical therapists was gently manipulating C4 in my neck. As he rhythmically pressed on the vertebra, stimulating blood flow and energy, I closed my eyes and was greeted with the image of the lilies, frame by a white border that looked as though I had torn open a Japanese paper door and allowed in the beautiful view. I was in a Frida Kahlo painting, it seemed.

I was stunned. I was speechless. I've never had any imagery pop into my mind involuntarily while getting a massage or any kind of therapy. It was precious, and I didn't want to open my eyes. I got up the nerve the next day to tell the therapist about it. He didn't laugh, as I thought he might, in fact he had me share it with the massage therapist there who has just learned Reiki. She looked at me a little strangely, perhaps assessing whether or not I was crazy. Isn't it strange that people make all of these claims about their Reiki/acupuncture/massage/reflexology practices but they don't seem to really believe it (unless they are making a sales pitch). I'm here to tell you that it can happen.

According to what I found on symbolism, the calla lily means marriage or is related to marriage. And then I had a dream about my dead grandmother -- not during therapy but during a nap. Though I don't remember all of the dream, I know that I kept dreaming of her rocking chair. Every time I would come anywhere near her chair, it would begin rocking furiously. I felt that she was calling out to me, too, though she wasn't visible. Suddenly I felt that I had not done enough for her while she was dying. I had been there, as was my mother. We changed her gown and sponge-bathed her. Mom cleaned Granny's dentures and washed her face. What else could we have done? The whole dream freaked me out, because I kept trying to call my mother in, only to realize she was dead, too. I felt alone and a little bit lost.

When I woke up, I sat up in bed and just shook my head. I had to wake up! I had to realize that these women were gone and that there was nothing to be frightened of. In fact, they would never hurt me, but what a strange dream!

I'm hoping for more pink flowers and fewer scary dreams this weekend. Happy Friday, blogland.

Peace - D


Daryl E said...

Amazing you should mention these dreams .. and the pink flowers .. this past weekend at the Green Flea there was a vendor with some exquisite pink calla lilies in some very interesting containers, I took a photo which I will post for you to see in the next few days. And then yesterday I was reading this blog

and she recommended a book on dreams .. check it out!


Baroness von Bloggenschtern said...

Firstly, thank you for that beautiful picture of the callas - they're one of my favorite flowers, and the pink ones are beyond lovely. I hope that your vision of them far surpassed the photo.

Secondly, the dream thing. MDH is always amazed when I tell him about my dreams, because they reel along in movie-like detail. And if they're at all upsetting, I feel a bit discombobulated the next day. Maybe a book on dream interpretation is worth it!

Hope your weekend is pain-free.

Hugs - B von B

Burgh Baby's Mom said...

That was a strange dream!

All this talk about Calla Lilies is making me want to plant more of them. Maybe I'll go for pink to go with my existing white ones.

Not Afraid to Use It said...

I do not have nearly the amount of vivid dreams I had during college. Probably something to do with the fact that I am more exhausted from the kids than I was from all that studying. I love comparing weird dreams. It makes for very interesting conversation.

Momma said...

Daryl - I will definitely check out the WillowManor blog and look forward to seeing your photo of the pink lilies. Maybe we're all tapped into the universe at the same place?

BvonB - My dreams are in technicolor. They say it's a sign of creativity. You think? :-)

BBM - And I want PICTURES! I love to see other people's gardens...

NATUI - When my kids were little, I didn't remember my dreams for the most part, unless they were prophetic dreams. I was far too tired, and then life went into high gear the minute the kids were awake. You know how that is. Now, it seems I dream all the time.

Gotta go check out that other blog now :-)

Peace - D

CrazyCath said...

Beautiful flowers. Lovely colours. Momma - I can't find your email addy on your profile. Can you email me? sheeyahdeelite AT msn DOT com

Jennifer H said...

Interesting dream. The rocker would have unsettled me, too.

The photos are beautiful.

Maggie May said...

I wonder if its connected with your worry? The dream of the rocking chair etc. The pink flowers sounds a better one.

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