Saturday, May 31, 2008

Top Five List: Reasons to Clean

I'm trying to get myself motivated to do a little cleaning today, as Saturday is my day for that. My major tasks today (because I can only do so much without "pushing" it) are sweeping, mopping, and wiping down baseboards and chair rails. Oy. Even that sounds like pushing it! But I have all day to accomplish this. The boys will be cleaning bathrooms and cat boxes, doing some vacuuming, too. Oh, and the hubby will be cleaning his office. Come to think of it...I need to do a tad bit of that, too. I get little things done during the week, such as dusting and laundry, during breaks from work. The big stuff? It has to wait for the weekend.

So to get myself motivated, I bring you the top 5 reasons to clean...drum roll please!

5. You might find things you thought you had lost. Last night hubby got a bee in his baseball cap and decided to start early on the cleaning. He tackled the garage, which has to be managed about four times a year or we get overrun with empty boxes and detritus. When I went down this morning to take Bodhi outside, he flipped out and started growling at something in the hallway that wasn't supposed to be there. It was a 4-tier shoe rack I bought last year for our closet! I'm so happy about that! It's a nice one, and we never could find it after we brought it home. We were worried that it got put out with the trash, but I guess it was hiding behind something else.

4. You can actually let people within 100 yards of your house. Today, and maybe for the next couple of weeks, I won't cringe when I open the garage door, hoping the neighbors don't see. And by keeping up with things like baseboards and floors, I don't panic if the doorbell rings. Okay, I still panic because it means I have to keep the dogs from loving all over whomever just got here! Nothing like a little dog hair and drool to ruin a good outfit.

3. You may have pets you didn't know existed. Take Michael Hardy of the Bronx, for example. He went into his closet one day to get a pair of shorts and discovered his brother-in-law's 3-ft long boa constrictor, who had been missing for six months and was aptly named "Broke Out," dangling in front of his face. He did what any red-blooded American man would do (no, he didn't kill it and eat it) -- he slammed the closet door shut, secured it with a weight, and called 911. The brother-in-law, you see, couldn't take care of the pet anymore. He was in jail for assault. The snake was turned over to animal authorities and is slithering along just fine. The authorities suspect the snake survived by eating small prey that it found living in the closet with it -- cockroaches.

2. You might otherwise make it into a "nastiest house" post somewhere. I found multiple threads out there during a Google search. The one that really got me was the old lady who had 10 cats and needed a new furnace. The poor HVAC guy had to not only deal with a furnace "covered in cat hair" on one side with "paint peeling from cat pee" on the other, he also had to get under the house trailer. What did he find there? A "pool of congealed pee that looked like oil." How some of these folks do their job is beyond me. He deserves an award.

1. You may have a visitor. That is, you may have an actual house guest you didn't know about! A man in Japan suspected burglars when he noticed food started missing from his apartment. He installed cameras inside his home that transmitted images to his cell phone so that he could see just what was going on. When he caught movement in the house, he called the police, but they found his home securely locked and quiet. A search of the home eventually ended when they opened the door of a shelf closet in the man's bedroom. There was a 58-year-old woman, neat and clean, hiding. She had been living in the man's closet for about a year. Yikes!

I hope this gets you moving. I predict a lot of you will be cleaning your closets today!

Peace - D


Daryl said...

Someone was living in his closet? I am hysterical... no one would or could live in our closets ... the bedroom closets are always open .. we have hooks on them to hang things like scarves, handbags, jeans, belts.. and of course my closet always has a lot of shoes or boots depending on the season on the floor ..

I try to clean but I always manage to find something else to do .. like reading and replying to blogs!


Lavinia Ladyslipper said...

Living in his closet for a year? That must be a joke! Ha ha!

You post very good reasons to clean....I had better get started on the vacuuming.

BY the way, I always find things that I had lost, either when I am cleaning or searching for something else.

Best of luck with the cleaning....

I think I have cleaning deficit disorder. I can only do a little and then I get distracted...then back to cleaning...then distracted....


Momma said...

Daryl - I'm pretty sure closets are small in Japan, too, so this woman must have had a very small footprint (snicker...)

Lavinia - I kid you not. Hop on over to the linking story! I heard about this on the local news and then saw the article in Yahoo. Amazing, but true.

Peace - D

Not Afraid to Use It said...

Hubbie is spending the next few weeks cleaning out our place. If he finds someone living in our closet I would ask them to give me tips on how in the world they managed in such a tight space. LOL