Monday, June 16, 2008

When Kids are Sick

You know, it's such a shame when kids are sick with some dread ailment. A woman I met while I was on Medifast (well, actually we were online friends like most of you are with me) has a little 3 1/2 year old boy, Julian, who is incredibly cute. Born to Stacy and David Phillips, Julian started out life with Potter's Syndrome; basically his bladder was blocked and he sustained kidney damage in utero. According to Julian's site, most kids with this disorder die within hours of birth. Julian lived, however, which is a miracle that Stacy credits to God's hand guiding the doctors.

Julian finally received a kidney on May 20th of this year, and despite some tough moments, he's doing well. Stacy has been living with him at the Ronald McDonald House in San Jose. Her husband commutes back and forth to Colorado, where they live. Tough stuff. Sick children are not for the weak or the meek. Stacy is one tough cookie. She dropped from 266 lbs. down to around 134 (size 2 petite) in around a year on Medifast. She was (and is) an inspiration to many. One of her weight loss goals was to lose enough to be healthy enough for another pregnancy. That dream came true for her last year, but it ended badly, in a miscarriage. With all of that and with all of Julian's health problems, it has been hard for her to keep the weight off, but she has by no means gained it all back. She struggles, just like I do. We used to talk about that a lot more on our Medifast blogs, but I had been out of touch with her until yesterday. She gave me the update and the link to Julian's site/blog. I wanted to share it with you.

I've come across so many amazing people in the 'net. So many moms and dad who have so many challenges. My daughter was sick a lot as a child. At 5 1/2 months we nearly lost her when she got a virus and became very dehydrated in a matter of hours. Her small intestine folded up (intussuception) and she nearly had to have a bowel resection then. A barium enema straightened it all out, but she continued to have problems. A couple of years ago, she ended up having it resectioned anyway. Add to that the asthma that landed her in the hospital (and ICU) several times, and then the mental illness that caused her to keep mutilating and trying to destroy herself. I know something about parenting a sick child.

Granted, neither of mine had anything like what Julian has, but it's always a strain, isn't it? Knowing that your child is in God's hands, that you have no control over their life or death? I am always amazed at parents and their strength, what they can bear for their children. And you know what? Every single one of them says, "I would trade places with my child if I could." They don't say this because they are masochists. They say it because there is no love like that of a parent for a child (well, most parents, anyway).

I just wanted to share the Phillips' story with you. Visit their site if you have a moment. Pause and pray, if you pray. If not, then send some good vibes to them. Donate to their fund, if you can. Transplants cost around $500,000, and they've raised about $100,000 so far. They're good people and they deserve good things. They're the kind of family that, if I had a lot of money, I'd build them a house near the hospital or pay for the surgery. They're quality.

Thanks for reading. More stories later.

Peace - D


Coal Miner's Granddaughter said...

Oh, wow. I can't even imagine. I get frantic when Bubba has a 102 degree fever with a simple virus. It's that mother instinct of wanting to protect, make it better, and not have them sick at all.

Thanks for telling us about this sweet little boy!

tysdaddy said...

We have been incredibly blessed. No pregnancy issues that didn't work out before the big day, and no major illnesses or diseases. My youngest son has some breathing issues, but they are rare, usually related to heat and allergies.

Thanks for sharing these stories. My thoughts go out to those with sick kids . . .


San said...

A loving, honest post, Doris. I've offered you an award over at my place. Reading this story about Julian and his amazing mom and how you connected with that family, I remember clearly why it occurred to me to give you the award.

Daryl said...

San is right, its a lovely post ... I am keeping good thoughts for them and you


K.C. said...

See... see... this is why I want to make the money. This is why. It is not for me. It is for stories like this.

SO glad that you posted this today.

I could feel your frustration in your comments that you left today. I am a little on the other side of it now. My husband and I have never shared issues about money until now. He and I have never talked about them. I had never wanted to know.

Now, I do. I don't want to take over the bills, just because I am not sure that i am ready to take on the responsibility. But, even as I am writing this, I am wondering in my situation and in his, would that take some of the stress that he is feeling off of him. You know, seeing it all on paper? Because, as you have seen what I have been writing, I have complete faith that it is all going to be okay.

Hmmm, you have given me something to think about.

In many things that I have read lately, it is something abou the male instinct that makes them want to be in control of financial issues. Not as a mean thing, just as a man thing. Not like we are lowly to that, just like they feel like it is their responsiblity.

I am not sure I am saying it right. Hmmm. It's got me thinking.

Okay... I rattled a bit... thanks so much again for coming in and helping me think.... Kayce

Lavinia Ladyslipper said...

Thanks for telling us about this. I am amazed that health insurance doesn't cover this; how can any family be expected to bear this astronomical cost alone? Unreal.

I will pray for them, and for all the suffering children and parents. No greater pain that seeing your child ill, in any form.

By the way Momma, I had a life threatening illness when I was a baby, I blogged about it here, have a read if you get the chance:

Momma said...

CMGD - He is so adorable. And you know what? They would do anything in the world for him, even if it means never retiring or never having luxuries. They just want their little boy.

Tysdaddy - Thanks for popping over, Brian. I wish your son continued good health! It is one of the greatest blessings.

San - I am greatly honored to call you a friend. Thanks for the award!

Daryl - Thanks, any good energy sent Julian's way is much appreciated.

K.C. - One of the reasons hubby and I have found ourselves with so many money issues is because of 10 years of dealing with a sick child. I wouldn't change a thing, though.

Lavinia - I will definitely read this post of yours. And yes, one of our greatest tragedies in this country is that we don't provide for families in need like this. We, instead, let them fall into unbearable debt or doing their own fund-raising to get by. Sad.

Peace - D

david mcmahon said...

We have a great hospital here in Melbourne, called the Royal Children's Hospital.

Every story out of there is a story of endeavour and emotion.

Momma said...

David - It's amazing, isn't it, what these kids can teach us? I stand in awe of them.

Peace - D

Maggie May said...

This post really deserves to be in Post Of The Day!
it is really frightening how children can get so sick & then pull round! Thank goodness she did!

Momma said...

Thanks, Maggie! What a lovely thing to say. Yes, I'm glad Julian has been hanging in there. He is definitely showered with love.

Peace - D