Friday, July 11, 2008

Cactus Cat

Oh sure. Sushi looks innocent enough. See how she poses for the camera, turning her head just so, inviting you to come closer, pet her? It's a ruse.

While we were all playing a game of Scrabble the other night, she hopped onto the table, rubbing back and forth under our chins, trying her best to get the attention on her and off the game. She was soft. She was purring. She was sharp!

When I picked her up to get her off the table, the dogs came running. In her little kitten mind (though she's 7 and should know better), I was feeding her to the dogs. She turned in my hands, all of her claws fully extended, and found purchase in my wrist, my arm, my neck! Even though it lasted but a split second, to me it seemed as though life went into slow motion. I felt as though I'd been thrown into a cactus patch or a den of porcupines. Each blade went into my flesh, ripping and grappling for traction. I couldn't let go for fear she would go for my face or other sensitive parts of my anatomy. I managed a gurgled cry as I wondered if she had just torn my jugular.

Hubby, whose cat she is, helped get her off of me and into a dog-free zone. We assessed the damage while The Boy spelled out his word on the board. No spurting veins or arteries. Nothing more than specks of blood and angry welts rising to the surface. My cat allergies are normally at bay unless I get scratched. So there I was, dousing myself with cold water and cortisone cream before going back to the game I lost by a mere few points to The Boy.

Here it is, 2 days later and the wounds still itch and sting. Darned cat. Why does she have to look so innocent?

Peace - D


Maggie May said...

Oh........ naughty! She doesn't look capable of that.
Hope you don't get cat scratch fever!

We have a tabby in our road called Sheba and she is just the same. She rubs round for attention and then she swipes without warning.
Most people ignore her!

Daryl said...

Oh that little devil ...

I am sure you have allergies BUT let me say this ... some cats have this thing, its called Cat Scratch Fever, which they transmit when they break your skin .. Husband seems to react to it when Gus inflicts his claws on Husband's arms or hands ... Husband uses Bactine (sp?) which causes Gus to want to lick where its been applied .. silly cat loves the smell/taste of it .. Me? I am lucky on two counts, first I dont seem to react to this whatever AND Gus & I have a different relationship .. I think he is wary of me and when I say NO or Stop .. he does.

Anyway I am glad it was a minor ouch and that its gone soon


Momma said...

Maggie - I'll remember to give Sheba a wide berth should I ever end up in your neck of the woods. Maybe it's inherent to cats whose names start with "S" :-)

Daryl - I don't know if it's cat scratch fever. I'll have to look that up. Not just a song by Nugent, eh? I need to put some Bactine in the medicine cabinet. Haven't had any since the kids grew up! Sushi likes the taste/smell of Icy Hot. Cats are weird :-)

Peace - D

Jay said...

Why do they look so innocent and pose so prettily while being capable of using their loving owners as a convenient tree? Why, it's what cats do!! LOL!

Cat Scratch Fever is a bacterial infection. I think the first sign is redness around the wound, then swollen glands under the armpit and blistery spots around the site of the injury. Bit like Bubonic Plague only a lot less deadly. Mostly it fixes itself, although some need antibiotics.

I hope the itch and stuff goes away quickly! I know exactly what that's like, being allergic to cats myself!

Sandy said...

Hope your "war" wounds heal quickly! Such a pretty kitty, too. Sigh. Most of them are definitely fickle. I know. I have two!!

So glad you stopped by my spot. Get your number just amazes me! LOL