Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Change is Good, Right?

But it's not easy. If you'll notice, I've set my template to something rather generic for now while I work on coming up with something genius. I've reorg'd a bit in the sidebar, and I've re-added my blog roll, which sorely needs to be updated and moved under a link. All of this is coming. I have the new template idea in my head, but I don't really "do" CSS. I'll have to learn a few tricks and find just the right image for the header.

Most of this is due to the blog review of yesterday, but it's good change.

The hardest part is that I'm having to do some soul searching to figure out if I want to continue on the same path of writing I've been doing on this blog, split myself into multiple blogs, or conform. I'm not much of a conformer, but I - like any blogger - want readers. To get readers, there's a certain amount of conforming one must do.

If I were to split into multiple blogs, there would be so many options. I already have Bidden or Not Bidden, which chronicles my return to faith after many, many years away. I have another blog where I pour out the angst I have over a mentally ill family member. I keep it quite separate, thank you very much. And this blog, which seems to be all over the map, needs a point, much like little Oblio in The Point. My writing style was described as somewhat formal, in the review. I suppose that comes from being a trained writer and academic. I have trouble using a lot of slang (though it has its place in some of my posts) and cliches. I don't want to just be a "me, too" blogger, rife with cynical humor and sadomasochistic references.

Possible blogs I could write?
  • Where are We Going? And Why Am I in This Handbasket? (Confessions of a lost wanderer)
  • Write This! (All things writing and grammar)
  • No, Seriously. The Other One was Mine. (You figure it out)
  • Sing, Sing a Song (Second soprano warbling through time--includes a trip through heavy metal)
  • Drama Queen (Not very original, but hey, I was president of the Drama Club in HS)
  • So Many Notches, So Few Bedposts (Chronicles of my rather interesting youth)
  • Every Decade a New Me (My multiple personalities take center stage)
  • Sunday Soapbox (A weekly column on the idiocy and injustice of the world)
  • Now THAT'S Funny! (My warped sense of humor drives a jacked-up pickup truck)
  • Miss Marple Goes to Tea (The polite me who tries so hard to be good)
How do I roll it all into one? I've been asking myself that for a lifetime.

Stay tuned while I adjust the feed. The fault does not lie with your set...

Peace - D


Maggie May said...

I rather enjoy a hotch potch, never knowing what you might say on a post!
Your new settings look good. I know you are going to add to it!
So I am interested to see just where it will go!

Jay said...

I very much like the new look to your blog!

So, the review came in? What did they say? I'm going to look for it! I'm guessing one thing they said was that it was 'all over the place', which seems to be a favourite criticism of theirs - and would probably be levelled at mine too!

I quite like a mixed bag. No, I prefer a mixed bag. Having said that, I've been wondering if mine is a little bit too mixed. However, personally, I wouldn't do anything right off the bat as a result of the review, I'd wait and let it all percolate before deciding what, if anything, you want to change. JMHO.

Jay said...

BTW, I can't believe you took down the cat post because of what they said!

Jo said...

I like blogs that are rather eclectic, sort of like stream of consciousness, or like a journal. Thank goodness I am not a writer because I would be concerned, as you are, about which direction my blog is going to go. I just play around with anything and everything. Perhaps that's the idea - just have all your blogs combined into one, and talk about whatever you wish on any particular day.

I like your blog pretty much the way it is.

RiverPoet said...

Maggie - Mine is definitely a hodgepodge. I kind of like that, too.

Jay - As I wrote you, they haven't changed the central theme of this blog, but I'm hoping to fine-tune it based on the feedback. And I welcome new readers!

Josie - I won't be changing that much. Just some fine-tuning. I hope I can find just the right header photo to make this blog shine.

Peace - D

Celebration of Life said...

Howdy from Wyoming!
Thanks for visiting my blog. I hope to have my personal computer back from the shop on Friday so that I can post again! Comve back and visit anytime!

SandyCarlson said...

Write This! has my eye! A grammar blog that would be fun and helpful. You know, I have multiple blogs, and I like it because it helps me organize my thoughts. After Writing in Faith are the ones I post to less regularly. When I do, I get some feedback or none. Either way, I have a place to file my thoughts until I can return to it. I think of those other spots as my online filing cabinets!

Lori said...

Hey Momma!
I just went to check in on "Ask" (yes, it's set in my Favorites) and was suprised to find them reviewing on of my darling favorite blogfriends!
First off - you are braver than me to submit to them. I'd like some constructive criticsm but am currently lacking the cajones. In time ...
Second - I just love your blog and visit often. I don't always leave a comment because so often you've covered the subject so well I'm at a loss for words. (Imagine that ... me!?!?)
You're also a great blogfriend because you list little ole me in you recommendations AND you visit my blog often to say hi.

I think you're a treasure, I like the new look of your page - and I give you an "I F****ing Love You" sticker.

Officially. :)

RiverPoet said...

CofL - I'll definitely be back!

Sandy - As I wrote to you earlier, I have seriously considered starting such a blog. I would just need to compete with GrammarGirl!

Lori - You rock! I'm so glad you're still reading me. And I would take that sticker from you any day!!!

Peace - D

Lavinia Ladyslipper said...

Any of these sound interesting.....but you know, I think you could successfully roll all into a 'blog of many hats'. You are that talented!

RiverPoet said...

Lavinia - Thanks! That's a good title, too. The Blog of Many Hats :-)

Peace - D

Hilary said...

Ah you're right about what Oblio said, but the Point was.. that you don't need to have a point, to have a point.

Wanders off singing "Me and My Arrow..."