Sunday, July 20, 2008


Today's C word is Crap.

I'm being reviewed this week by Ask and Ye Shall Receive. I imagine I'll learn a lot about what I'm doing right and what I'm doing wrong with my site. The reason I asked? Well, two of my good blogging buddies were reviewed by the site. One was praised as being 4 stars and the other got slammed, though they are equally praiseworthy in my book.

We shall see.

Peace - D


tysdaddy said...

Yeah, I just happened to be on their site a few minutes ago and saw you were on deck. My oh my.

I got two stars from them, after a fairly glowing review. I can't help it I sometimes write long posts! Sheesh!

Good luck, and don't take it too hard . . .

Jo said...

Omigod! I just read your last three posts.


I hope you're okay now.

You know I had a similar incident with an NSAID exactly two years ago this month. I ended up in the hospital for a week and had three blood transfusions. Scary things!

Gosh, I hope you're okay!

And keep us posted on your review. Good luck!


RiverPoet said...

Tysdaddy - It's okay, though, because that's how I found your blog. At the very least, maybe I'll get a few new readers to love.

Josie - I'm better now. I had no idea you had experienced one of those scary bleeds! Aren't they awful?? Talk about a loss of control...

Peace - D

Jay said...

But why would you DO that to yourself? ROFL!

Good luck with the review - and don't take it too much to heart if they slam you. ;)

Coal Miner's Granddaughter said...

I saw that!!! Good luck! I still can't figure out how I managed that rating. All I can say is if you get Nutjobber as your reviewer, I'll light a candle before I read the review. Nothing makes that man happy!

Calamity said...

Well, you asked!