Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Happy Birthday, Bodhi!

H A P P Y B I R T H D A Y, B O D H I !!!!!!!

One year ago, a wiggly little bulldog was brought into the world via C-section (the way all bulldogs are born). His litter name was "Harpo," and his siblings were "Groucho" and "Zeppola" (a girl). His sire is Thor Lord of Thunder, and his dame is Violet Boop (daughter of, naturally, Betty Boop).

It seems destined that Bodhi (AKC Name: Sanatana Bodhisattva, pronounced San-ya-tan-a Bo-de-saht-wa), whose short name means "awakening," was the dog for us. A mere 9 days before we picked him up from the breeder, we'd had to put down our dear Leo (AKC Name: King Leonidas of Sparta) at the tender age of 16 weeks. It was the first and hopefully last time I ever had to make that decision. We had gone through $10K trying to save the poor little guy, yet he was failing to grow and was developing new health problems each day. Finally, he failed to eat or drink, but that is a story for another day.

Bodhi was a replacement puppy because of the congenital problems with Leo (who came from the same breeder who produced our lovely Lily). Bodhi was sired by one of the stud dogs she shares with another local breeder, and he looks just like his sire, only with more speckles.

As you can see in the pictures, he was a tiny little guy compared to his size now. He had a lot of growing to do! Lily took to him immediately and seemed very happy to have a little friend in the house again. Her worst worries in those days were of keeping him from trying to nurse on her. Now, of course, the worries are different, because he is nearly as big as she is!

Bodhi is a unique dog. He doesn't mind the crate, and when he feels like the world is overwhelming him, he will "den," going under the bed, burrowing beneath the blanket, you name it. Lily never liked the crate, and fortunately she was a very good dog so we didn't need it. Bodhi is a little more rambunctious and gets into things, so the crate is safer for him and for us. When we see people on the dog reality shows whose dogs destroy the house while we're gone, we look at each other now and say, "Put that dog in a crate! What's the problem here?"

But I digress. Today Bodhi will have a little private party to celebrate his first year. I'll make him some grilled chicken (a very rare treat indeed!) and will present it to him while he and Lily are wearing - yes - birthday hats. Ever since I saw a picture of Lily's mother and grandmother having a birthday part with hats on, I've wanted to take a similar picture of my dogs. It was so FUNNY! So I hope that turns out well. I expect the dogs to resist the hats but not the chicken. For presents, I've gotten Bodhi a big chicken-flavored Nylabone and a new set of large teething keys. He loves those so much that the last 2 sets have eventually been chewed to the point I had to throw them out. I figured he'd like a new set. He chews on that and not my furniture.

Now that our kids are grown, our pets are our babies. Hubby is talking about getting a professional portrait done of the dogs while Lily is still with us. We have some professional portraits of her taken at PetSmart several years ago. Those are awesome pics! We would like to have some of the two of them together. We don't dress the dogs up (unless you count the time we dressed Lily as a biker for Halloween) because they hate it. They get to be dogs, but we get to love them.

The perspective on this last photo makes Bodhi look a lot bigger than he actually is. In reality, he is still slightly smaller than Lily, but he is still filling out. This is his favorite spot, though, draped across Daddy in the recliner :-)
Happy birthday, little guy! We're so glad you came to live with us!

Peace - Momma


menopausaloldbag (MOB) said...

What a nice tribute to your fur baby! I love my two Jack Rusells - they are our babies too. Sad huh?!

Maggie May said...

Happy Birthday to Bodhi! He looks like a fine specimen.(I haven't got any babies! Blub!)

Daryl said...

Happy Birthday to Bodhi .. what a sweetheart he is .. I am glad he was able to fill the hole left by Leo ...

Losing a pet is a pain that never seems to diminish ... my sister lost her older cat, Minnie, on Sunday night very unexpectedly ...


Momma said...

MOB - Not sad at all! I love my babies; sounds like you do, too. :-)

Maggie - Wish you lived on this side of the pond! You could visit my brood.

Daryl - I wrote to you separately. I'm so sorry for your sister's loss.

Peace - D

Coal Miner's Granddaughter said...

Oh, I just love me some bulldogs! My friend Jennifer has always had bulldogs and they're so damned sweet.

Happy Birthday Bodhi-boy!

Jennifer H said...

Look at that scrunchy face! Happy birthday, Bodhi!

Lavinia Ladyslipper said...

Hi Momma. Happy (belated) Birthday to cutie-pie Bodhi!

Interesting background story. Very sad about King Leonidas. What an emotionally turbulent time that must have been. And then along came Bodhi, to help heal the heartbreak. He is too precious! Something about that breed that makes their kisses so happy!

A wonderful dog to cherish, and you returns your love in spades.

May he have many more happy and healthy birthdays!