Tuesday, July 22, 2008

I Asked; I Received

And my cat post is history. Apparently it wasn't very popular and I agreed. I nixed it. Another time, Highlanders.

I submitted my blog awhile back to Ask and Ye Shall Receive, and today Calamity reviewed me. I managed to get a 1 star rating, which pleases me, considering the fate of some. I know the things that could improve my blog now, so I'll work on those. She said it was the hardest review she ever did, and I somehow think that's a good thing.

Now if I could just manage to squeeze in a showing of The Dark Knight, my day would be complete.

Peace - D

1 comment:

tysdaddy said...

It was a very thorough review. Way to go for not getting ripped a new one, as seems to be par for the course lately over at AAYSR.

Way to go!