Sunday, July 27, 2008

What I Want is for You to Have What You Need

David McMahon, whom most of you know, put up this weekend's Weekend Wandering post with the question, "What do you want most out of life?"

Not one to back down from a question that begs introspection, I have taken him up on this challenge and have come out of my temporary retirement to move my hands on the keyboard and answer this one. (David, it's been awhile. I figured I needed to answer one of the great questions you pose!)

If I could achieve the one true thing I want in life, I would be helping others 24x7. I just don't see the point in being on Earth if you can't make life a little bit better for your fellow man or woman. I love it when people like Harry Connick, Jr., Bono, Bill Gates, or Brad Pitt (though I'm still a little weirded out by the way he threw over the girl-next-door for the crazy spawn of Jon Voight) do something magnanimous to help others. They have the money and the celebrity to help, but what about the rest of us? What do you do to make this world a better place?

I learned by watching my mother that you don't need to wait until you have the time, the money, or the prestige to do big projects. If you help a friend with Parkinson's eat her dinner, you're helping a fellow child of God. If you give someone a smile and really listen to what they have to say, you're helping.

I'm a firm believer that we are not islands. We are not traveling this journey alone. What do I want most out of life? I want you to have what you want (as long as it doesn't hurt anyone else). I want you to have what you need: food, health, insurance, a car, children, whatever it is that would make your life whole. If I have a way to give you that, I will. Who knows? Some of you, your pets, your relatives, your friends, may have benefited in some small way already from a ripple that has spread out from one of my small gestures or donations. I sincerely hope so.

Peace - D


Don Mills Diva said...

When I read posts like this, I realize I could do more. You're right - what else is there really?

Great inspiration - thanks.

david mcmahon said...

God bless you, D, for your wonderful depth of feeling. I learnt similar values from my mother and I in turn have passed them on to my own children.

SandyCarlson said...

Dead on! I agree with you that we are not islands. There's nothing better than that feeling of belonging to and with others. God bless.

tysdaddy said...

"crazy spawn of Jon Voight"

While the humanitarian efforts of Jennifer Aniston go unnoticed, Angelina has done some really amazing work on behalf of those less fortunate. Perhaps that's what Brad sees in her . . .

And let's face it, she's got more beauty in her pinkie than the girl next door ever did . . . IMHO . . .

RiverPoet said...

DMD - Couldn't we all?

David - Thanks. I think we owe it to our kids to pass on the idea of service.

Sandy - Yes, like it or not, we are all connected - all of us. God bless.

Tysdaddy - Fair enough. I just remember the craziness with the vial of blood she and Billy Bob each carried on their necklaces. Stuff like that with knives and S/M. That's what I mean by crazy spawn. And her humanitarian efforts came later than that and kind of coincided with Brad's. Maybe they each make the other a better person. Maybe her old face was an act. I don't know. Still, I don't care for the whole homewrecker thing. I think I'm like many women in that regard.

Peace - D

Daryl said...

Rule #1 (in my life) if you have, you share


Sandi McBride said...

My Grandmother always taught us that a hand reaching out is a hand grasped which starts compassion moving onto the road to loving a teacher she was, how the world needs her kind today.
David sent me

Coal Miner's Granddaughter said...

It's like the pay-it-forward concept. Just one small act of kindness and assistance can cause someone else to create an act of kindness and so on.

RiverPoet said...

Daryl - Amen!

Sandi - Thanks so much for stopping by my blog. Your grandmother sounds like a wise woman, and I'm sure that you learned many wonderful lessons from her.

CMGD - Pay-it-forward, yes. I think it's the best thing we can possibly do in our lives.

Peace - D

Jennifer H said...

I especially love the last paragraph. You nailed it.

I hope your hand is better?

RiverPoet said...

Jennifer - Thanks! My hand is much better than it was on Friday. I think rest and rejiggering my workspace has made a difference.

Peace - D

LL said...

So nice to read this. Very well said....your generosity shines through.