Monday, August 4, 2008

Congratulations, Ms. RiverPoet. It's a bed!

Today was all about beds.

After going out on a little afternoon excursion yesterday to a local furniture store to browse, the subject of beds came up again. Though I thought we were waiting until next summer to look for a new bed, and though I thought we were just browsing leather furniture for the living room, we ended up trying out beds.

It's almost too bad, because I fell in love with a chocolate leather love seat, oversized chair and ottoman. It would have come to around $3K before haggling, and I'm sure we could have haggled them down. But we also would have had to deal with excess furniture, which is meant to be given to our son when he moves out in a year or so. The salesman thought he had us. He stayed with us past closing time and talked about writing up the sale, how prices are going up in another month or so, the usual sales tactics. And then hubby said...

"I wasn't even thinking about living room furniture. I think we need a new bed first."

Crickets chirped.

"You do?" I asked.

"Yeah," he said. "I thought we came here to look at beds."

The salesman, ever in sales mode, said, "Follow me."

**DISCLAIMER: I'm not advertising or endorsing any product, nor making any recommendations except for what my middle-aged body will be lying on!

He took us to the mattress showroom and I joked with him about him being late for dinner. I was a little embarrassed that we had wasted his time with living room swag. Never missing a beat, he showed us the Kingsdown line of mattresses and introduced us to the big touch screen gadget that was supposed to select a few different mattresses for us based on our answers. Voila! We had three choices.

We tried out each of them and eventually settled on one that seemed just right for our bodies and our budgets. However, we weren't ready to commit, so we thanked the salesman and sent him home empty-handed. We needed time to think.

I also needed time to surf the 'net. What I found was that the Kingsdown line we were looking at got horrible reviews from consumers. The beds, they said, started to break down within 6 months. Some people were even suggesting a class-action lawsuit. EEEK! I backed way off. I figured, okay. No bed, no living room furniture. Back to square one.

But as I continued to browse for any reviews that were at least 3 and up to 5 stars on mattresses, I came across a few good reviews for the Simmons Beautyrest HealthSmart line. I found a few places to buy it online, and found a couple of places that were supposed to carry it locally. The bed was supposed to have a removable, washable allergen barrier with a foam pillow-top that could be replaced as needed. Sounded good to me!

Today we went in search of the two addresses it spit out, but both were - ugh! - Wal-Mart stores. Disgusted (because we don't buy from Wal-Mart), we went the mattress discount store where we bought our queen-size Simmons Beautyrest pillow-top 3 or 4 years ago. After determining that it was too small for us (because after 25 years of marriage, you either need a very big bed or separate rooms), we gave it to our son. He seemed happy with that. After all, he's a big guy. We were stuck with the Sleep Number bed we replaced it with. :-(

At the discount store, we found out that the HealthSmart bed was not all it was cracked up to be and had been taken off the open market. It was only available as an Internet buy now and was not recommended due to zipper problems and rapid breakdown. It just didn't deliver. But we began trying out some different Simmons models and found one we really, really liked. I didn't like the price, though, so we haggled. The "warehouse manager" came in to close the deal. Turns out he was the one we bought the last bed from! He immediately gave us a better deal. We later found out that it was lower than the best prices we found for the same bed online.

After going home to research it, we returned to the store, having found nothing negative online about this series of beds (Simmons NgX). We made the big purchase that I thought was not coming until next year. My back would be doing back flips if I knew how to do those and wouldn't make matters worse! I'm excited about this, and I'll be sprucing up and listing my Sleep Number bed for sale. And? I'll recommend it for a family without big dogs who sleep at the foot of the bed. :-)

Wednesday is the big day. Can't WAIT!

Peace - D


SandyCarlson said...

I hope you sleep well when the big day comes!

Jay said...

Oooh! Congratulations!!

The value of a good bed cannot be overestimated. I hope this one lives up to your expectations! I've had far too many mattresses that develop dips and bumps way too soon.

Dianne said...

Talk about fate! I came to thank your for the visit and voila! - you have done mattress research for me.

what a giver you are!

I also would like to hug you for not shopping at WalMart, thank you.

Happy Bed Wednesday

I'll be back :)

Akelamalu said...

It's good that you're taking your time choosing a bed - it has to be good. We have a waterbed and it has spoiled me, I can't sleep on anything else now!

Sandy said...

Super! Research is a good thing!!!

RiverPoet said...

SandyC - I can't wait...seriously!

Jay - We're really hoping this is the one. It's harder to buy a mattress than to find a mate!

Dianne - I so hope that this helps you in some small way. Why do research if you can't help anyone else? Love your site, too...

Akela - We had a waterbed for many years. It was the moving that was the problem! We moved a lot back then.

Sandy - Yes, hurrah for research! I saved us $1200!

Peace - D

Jo said...

Well, thank you. I am in the market for a new bed, and you have done the research for me.

Now, all you have to do is let us know how you like it. :-)

Hmmmm.... Simmons NgX.

Coal Miner's Granddaughter said...

Awesome, hon! Woo hoo! Hope this one is your "bed in shining armor!" I know that once the perfect bed is found, bliss follows. Ty and I are in lust with our Tempur-Pedic. LURV IT! Once you get it, we need a vlog of you sleeping blissfully! :)

Ruth D~ said...

Keep us posted. I'm thinking of a new mattress. Even wondering if two twins pushed together and made up as a double might work.

RiverPoet said...

Josie - It's FANTASTIC! I highly recommend it, just from having a little midday nap on it.

CMGD - So glad you found your "bed in shining armor" - do you call it Lancelot?

Ruth - I wouldn't recommend the two twins together, although I don't think the line down the middle could be more inconvenient or uncomfortable that the row of heavy duty foam down the middle of the Sleep Number bed. Hubby and I felt like we were scaling a wall if we tried to cuddle.

Peace - D