Tuesday, August 19, 2008

What I Want for Christmas

It's never too early to start planning, right? Each year it seems to get a little harder to remember exactly what everyone asked for - even if they asked me the week before!

Last year, my hubby asked me for an iPod Nano. I promptly forgot what he asked me for. Weeks passed, and soon I was convinced that he said he wanted a GPS. Oh, he liked the GPS alright, and I got him a good one, but after Christmas, he said, "Whatever happened to the iPod Nano I asked for?"



Was I ever embarrassed and humiliated. My brain was starting to betray me. It's kind of okay, though, because he didn't get me the Kindle I asked for either (mostly because of the cost and the long, long waiting list). We had a good Christmas, nevertheless.

Even my son's 21st birthday, which happens tomorrow, is fraught with land mines. He told me he wanted a memory card for his phone and a game. Now I can't remember what kind of phone he has nor what game he wanted. So I'm getting him a Best Buy gift certificate. That way he can get exactly what he wants.

Still.... The thrill of opening up a gift certificate doesn't compare with the thrill of opening up exactly what you asked for. I know that, but the old brain isn't as good at retaining data these days. I'm not sure all of that is due to age. Some of it is probably medication-related, and other people with Chiari Malformation tell me that they have tons of memory problems. At least I think that's what they said. Hmm, can't remember....

So this year, for the record, I want a Nintendo DS with the Brain Age software. That way I can sit around like the old farts on the TV commercial and play video games to improve my memory. Hubby had planned to order the Kindle way in advance, but I told him to forget that. I would much rather continue to hold actual books in my hand when I read. Yeah, it seems like a pretty cool device, but then I wouldn't be able to share the books I've read with my sister afterwards. Seems wrong somehow.

I think hubby said he wanted a plasma torch, but I'm not sure...something geeky like that. I'm hoping he'll leave me a comment telling me exactly what he wants. Consider this my Christmas list, babe!

And the rest of you? Get crackin'....Christmas is right around the corner, you know. They already have the first Christmas items on display at Costco! Before you know it, every open shop door will be spewing the scent of apple/cinnamon potpourri at you! Salvation Army Santas will be asking for your change (does anyone still have change in the age of plastic??)! You will be looking at the date on the calendar and realizing that you haven't even started your Christmas cards yet!

You'll thank me in the long run. Get started now! And write down the things your loved ones want. You never know when the memory fairy will start to sneak in and steal your brain cells.

Peace - D

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Employee No. 3699 said...

Yeah, that's why post-it notes are my best friends. I make myself little reminder notes and put them in my purse. Sure, sometimes I don't read the note until it's too late, but most of the time it works.

Daryl said...

Well, see a few years ago when Husband got me an iPod he was truly hurt that I didnt get him one .. I had no idea he wanted one .. I always ask what he wants for b'day, anniversary, christmas/hanukkah ... and sometimes he tells me and other times he doesnt.

We had an anniversary a few weeks ago and he asked me a month before what I wanted and I told him and he got it for me. I asked him over and over what he wanted and he finally told me (this will be Tooned) and I got it .. but it was not anything special .. I only got it because I didnt want him NOT to have anything .. and he was very disappointed.. I explained and told him his b'day was next and he'd better tell me what he wants or he will get nothing and have no one to blame but himself... do you think he will tell me soon? I dont.


Daryl said...

Come over and pick up two awards .. no, its not christmas ...


Coal Miner's Granddaughter said...

I have a friend who put what she wanted (torn from a magazine) on the fridge three months before Christmas. Her husband still didn't get it for her. Some guys just don't get it! :) But I always e-mail Ty when I first think of something. I think he keeps a running list. Sometimes I forget what I've even asked for! :)

Not Afraid To Use It said...

Shit, KI think my comment didn't go through.

I said that I was with CMGD that I have to makes notes for Hubbie or email him, and vice versa. Except that we honestly have not given each other gifts for bdays or anniversaries, etc. for a long time. The kids come first.

tysdaddy said...

I usually buy my own Christmas presents. I have very eclectic tastes . . .

Though I do get surprised every once in a while.

I thought about a Kindle . . . once. The price? Yikes! But it would be cool . . .

RiverPoet said...

3699 - Yeah, I have post-its on my monitor. I just have to actually get to them before I forget the thought! :-)

Daryl - Aren't husbands exasperating!!! But really, I finally got mine to tell me what he wants, and I promptly forget it! :-/

CMGD - You're a lucky woman!

NATUI - You'll get back to the gift giving one day. And then there will be diamonds!

Tysdaddy - Yeah, I think that's my problem with the Kindle. The price! Otherwise I wouldn't mind having one...D

Lavinia said...

I zipped over to sag zone...funny! Mid life hilarity? I could sorely use a heaping dose of that this week!

I have no idea but kindle is, by the way. Your family is much more technologically advanced than I am. I still can't wrap my head around what a meme is. And most of my movies are still on VCR.

Christmas displays? And here I was all offended at the (early!) halloween displays!