Saturday, September 20, 2008

Just a Quick One

I just wanted to say THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart for your kind comments and responses to my previous post. I especially appreciate the time each of you took out of your busy days to formulate such caring responses. Now that I can keep my eyes open, here's what I'd like to say to you in return...
  • Lavinia, dear, thank you for your specific suggestions. I will consider them all.
  • Baroness, I have that lovely CD you sent me to take care of me in the worst moments.
  • Daryl, thank you for your gentle hugs - they are so much appreciated.
  • Leslie, all the best to your daughter. I know the drill. My husband always asks first, "Do we need to go to the hospital?"
  • 3699, I'm glad you can't imagine what these feel like. I wish I couldn't.
  • Jay, yes, the surgery is no guarantee of help, and it could make things worse -- or it could turn things around. It's a crap shoot.
  • Moannie, I'm no superstar! :-) I wish someone would build me a house, though. I fear I'm headed toward disability, a place I don't want to go.
  • Akelamalu, I think - yes - that there is a place in Hell in which people live in eternity with these headaches. I trust that God will give me a perfect new body one day.
I will not likely be writing anything else this weekend - certainly not before Sunday night - and may not make it around to your blogs, though I will try. As you know, our son is moving out, so there is much to do, and I'm hoping my body can hang in there. There is still a searing, simmering pain at the base of my skull that never quite goes away. I'm going to try to overcome that today and do what needs to be done.

My deepest love to you all....D


Lavinia said...

All the best to you River Poet for the strength, stamina and well being that you need and deserve.

Jo said...

I'm just catching up on my blogging.


You have way too much on your plate at the moment. I hope you have someone there to pamper you a bit.

Are there no pain killers you can take to lessen your pain a little bit? No one should have to suffer pain like that.

Take care of yourself!


Akelamalu said...

I'm sending oodles of Reiki your way, I hope it helps diminish the pain. x

the walking man said...

RP...discuss rhizotomy and if it would be an effective treatment.

Jay said...

Warm hugs to you. I hope you feel better soon!

Marty said...

God Bless you D. I do hope that youe feel better soon.

Employee No. 3699 said...

I'm sorry you're suffering so. I hope you're feeling better soon. You are in my thoughts and prayers

RiverPoet said...

Lavinia - Thanks, my friend.

Josie - I have some painkillers, but they aren't always effective (and never 100%). The long-acting one keeps most of my pain at bay. The fast-acting one doesn't always work on the headaches. Sometimes I have to take a backup medication, which knocks me out. It's the most helpful one, though. It's what I've taken off and on for the last 2 weeks. Thanks for the kind wishes.

Akela - Reiki. Now there's a good idea!

Walking Man - See my note to you on the next post...

Jay - Hugs are good. Thank you!

Marty - Thanks, my friend. I appreciate the thoughts.

3699 - Today is a much, much better day. I think all the well wishes and prayers helped.

Peace - D