Monday, September 22, 2008

Dust Bunnies in the Nest

A Led Zeppelin picture hangs on the wall. The carpet is waiting to be vacuumed. The fresh air is blowing softly through the open window. The furniture is gone. The clutter is gone.

The Boy and his cat are gone.

Yesterday we spent the day loading the truck, driving the truck, and unloading the truck (though I did very little of that...mostly it was the guys). We got to see the Boy's new digs: a modest-sized bedroom with a modest-sized closet, hardwood floors, and kitchen privileges. The bathroom he will share with the roommate is undergoing some changes (a new sink/vanity), so he's having to use the one downstairs. His cat was terrified, but she's beginning to settle in. And he made his first grocery shopping run.

Our home feels empty, but we'll be okay. We just have to adjust. I slept terribly last night, perhaps partly because of the continuing migraine issues but also because the house felt wrong somehow.

Bodhi had an accident last night, and we think it might be because he can't understand the changes. Even the cats each came up to me complaining that they don't like change. I just said, "I don't like it either!"

Tonight hubby and I are having leftovers. Our grocery bill went down already, and considering that we'll only be paying for two when we eat out, that will go down as well. There are some silver linings to these clouds.

As for the migraines, they are staying away today, which is huge progress considering they have plagued me for two weeks! I still may return to the neurologist just to see if there's anything we haven't tried as far as meds for chronic headaches of this type -- at least until I can get up to NY to see the Chiari specialists.

The thing is -- I had today!!! Today was wonderful. Other than being a little tired from the move and from the adjustment, I was great. I want more days like this. :-)

Peace - D

(Walking Man, I tried the rhizotomy last fall, and it was a horrible choice for me. I had a very hard time recovering, and it didn't help more than 2 weeks [which is about how long it took me to recover]. I had been very hopeful that the treatment would work. I'm still going to that doctor, though, once a month - you know the drill. Maybe they will come up with something soon!)


SandyCarlson said...

I am glad you had a good day. I'm wishing you and the critters peace through the transitions at home with your son gone now. That is a huge change. I think of my daughter going, and the idea makes me sad (and she's only 9). I hope your headache situation goes away. I get migraines when I am under a lot of stress but won't admit it. Or when the weather is barmy. When the two happen together, go ahead and write my eulogy. I hope the situation is over and done soon. God bless, friend.

Coal Miner's Granddaughter said...

Awesome that you had a good day and awesome that the Boy is out on his own. I'm dreading the empty nest, even though it's many years away. :) But, that's the pessimist in me.

Ruth D~ said...

You'll be fine. The worst is the build up to the empty nest. Maybe that explains the migraines. Now you'll connect on the phone, or online chats or emails and it will seem fine . . . mostly. Your grocery bill goes down, of course, and wait until you see how easy the food shopping becomes-- piece of cake.

Lavinia said...

Relieved to hear that today was better. Fingers crossed and prayers said!

What a forlorn picture of the room....but I'm sure in no time you will have cleaned and jazzed it up....putting it to new purpose....

Let's hope for more good days!

Fat, frumpy and fifty... said...

l feel for you..l dread the day this happens to either of mine...l cherish peace and quiet for about ten minutes, then l want to see touch and hear my lot....such is life..

I have't had a migraine since June and that's because l haven't had a period either...since then....l doubt its gone for good, as l'm 5 years into the menopause...
l've never been assessed or given any special meds..cos its a woman thing so deal with it......just as l was about to insist on some specialist help, having had another eye test, blaming the lights at the reception desk at work, l find l'm without s bliss..l am not good with pain, and head pain is too immediate and its thing for me to deal with, l need dark, quiet and bed...

hope things improve for you SOON.

Employee No. 3699 said...

I'm glad you finally had a good day. You'll miss your son not being in the same house, but you will talk to him on the phone.

Me thinks you need to start thinking about what you're going to do with that empty room. I had fun furnishing my son's we he moved out.

Sarah said...

I wonder if my room looks like that now that i'm off to school. I'm assuming that my bed is still there but who knows what they've done with the rest of it...

I guess my cat's sad still too even though I've been here for 5 weeks.

Akelamalu said...

It's a devastating feeling when your children fly the nest. However, one soon gets used to it and the freedom and peace is good. :)

Glad to hear you've had a day off from the migraine. x

Daryl said...

STRESS. Stress is what does it ... and if you think about it you'll realize that the stress you have had over your son moving out added to the triggers you already have for migraines ...

I am glad you feel better ... I hope you are migraine free in short order!


MamaGeek @ Works For Us said...

Well I'm glad today is better. I have migraines too and know how awful they can be. There's just something about physical emptiness, is there not?

That pooch? ADORABLE.

RiverPoet said...

Sandy - Thankfully the weather is cooling off here. I think that will continue to help with the headaches. And I'm working on de-stressing from this transition.

CMGD - When you're having days like you're having lately, I'm sure the empty nest seems really far away. I used to daydream about this day...

Ruth - Already the cooking of meals has become easier. And my kitchen is staying unbelievably clean! No dishes being tossed into the sink!

Lavinia - Those prayers are most welcome! I have lots of ideas for fixing up the room, but it will have to wait until after the holidays. For now, it's cleaning and painting time.

FF&F - Yes, dark, quiet, and bed are exactly the thing when the headaches get cranking. Thanks for your kind thoughts.

3699 - Oh, I have all kinds of ideas for that room. It's going to be a nice place for spending a little time.

Sarah - In cat time, that's forever! I remember my son's freshman year when he was off and living in the dorms. His cat was miserable. He says she is quite happy and playful in the new place.

Akela - Yes, freedom and peace is wonderful! I just need to stop the urge to yell upstairs to him that dinner is served!

Daryl - Oh yes, the stress that led up to that day was killing me. And now I find myself fretting over his budget. Not my business, but I think my mind is grasping for things to fret over. Weird, huh?

MamaGeek - So glad you like my little darling. He is a handful, but we love him.

Peace - D

the walking man said...

RP...The empty nest syndrome raises its ugly head. This too will pass as the son gets settled and prospering.

To bad about the rhizotomy. I didn't take as long as you to recover from them, but they led to the implant which now three weeks later is working fine.

Moannie said...

Just, Bless you. And please may you have respite from the pain.

Merisi said...

Congratulations on winning David's "Post of the Day" award! :-)

May you settle well and healthy into your new life, and enjoy this new adventure to the fullest!

The Egel Nest said...

At least the clutter is gone :)

Came over from David's blog!

The Egel Nest

Sandra Ree said...

I've been through this twice. Two sons. One is in Iraq and the other just graduated college. I still have a 12 year old daughter at home. I remember feeling so disconnected...but they call and email and come home when they can. And I have migraines too, mine are related to the weather, so I can sympathize. :)

Came here via David.

RiverPoet said...

Walking Man - Yeah, I think I'll be okay (as to the empty nest). And the Boy seems to be adjusting just fine.

Moannie - You are a sweetheart. :-)

Merisi - Thanks for stopping by and for the well wishes!

Egel Nest - I'll bet you thought this was going to be about dust bunnies in a bird's nest, didn't you? ;-) Thanks for stopping by.

Sandra - I've been through this with my daughter, but there is something so final about when the baby moves out. It's odd. Thanks for coming by!

Peace - D

Louise said...

Hope your headaches get better, and that you get some sleep. Can't imagine the emptiness, but the less expenses--what a bonus!