Friday, September 26, 2008

A Must-Watch Video

Oh, this just keeps getting weirder and weirder. They nailed Obama to the wall about his pastor's views, and here is Sarah Palin being protected from witchcraft by her pastor. "Father, make a way for Sarah...even in the political arena...bring finances her way...and above all give her personnel, men and women who will back her up...we want righteousness in this nation."

Between this and the fact that Palin believes she's learned all she needs to know about the world by having Russia as her neighbor and by reading about other countries....well, let's just say I hope they keep digging their own hole deeper and deeper.

Peace (and sanity) - D


Daryl said...

Its sad isnt it that while the Repugs are demanding she be treated with kid gloves and they continue to coddle her in interviews they are insisting she is up for the job and equal to a man. FEH.

Over at a board where I used to post and occasionally lurk there is a topic about this ... and one of the religious fanatics who posts there is insistent that this country is losing its right to freedom of religion ... I countered that its far more about separation of church and state which is what this country was founded on ... she promised to get back to me on that but frankly I am in no mood to spar with someone who thought Obama's former minister was wrong and that Obama supported his views.

Cannot wait to see if McLame actually goes to Mississippi to debate now that he's solved the financial crisis NOT


Shrinky said...

Oh boy, this is just downright scary. Thing is, much as I don't WANT to care about American politics, what affects you guys also has a huge ripple impact on what eventually happens to us us over here. (Biting my nails..)

RiverPoet said...

Daryl - I know. It makes no sense to me. None. At. All. I just dropped someone off my list today who is forwarding crap about how the economic crisis started with Jimmy Carter and was bolstered by Clinton. Huh? So why haven't her folks fixed the problem in EIGHT YEARS! It's amazing how good they all are at blaming Clinton for everything.

You know what they say about finger pointing. Point one finger at me and you have three pointing back at you. It's better, is it not, to fix the problem? I think so.

Shrinky - Let's hope we can make some rapid and complete changes here in the good old USA. Or else I may be moving to an island.


Peace - D

SandyCarlson said...

Truly, I believe Palin is one of the best things to happen to the Democrats!

TSannie said...

Palin scares the cr*p out of me.
I keep on hearing McCain beat the heck out of Obama last night. I certainly didn't think so, but if that's true for most of we Americans, that also scares the cr*p out of me.
I hope Sandy is right.

Ruth D~ said...

As one who tests out completely in the center politically-- an independent voter-- I think we all have to be careful of the spin in political news. There is not one thing said on either side that I couldn't spin the other way . . . or four different ways for that matter. I dislike the name calling on either side. I guess it's inevitable, but bottom line this has become a sound bite campaign long on confusion of the issues, misstatements, and short on in depth solutions that can *really* be carried out. Seriously, every promise requires tax payer's money and that's kind of tied up at the present moment. Wish it were over, and we could get on with real life.

RiverPoet said...

Sandy - I hope you're right.

TSAnnie - I thought McCain was completely disrespectful to his opponent. Since when does any kind of debate (including high school) include being rude and ignoring your worthy opponent? Can't wait to see what happens in the VP debate.

Ruth - I completely understand. I think what got me the most about this video is that Palin wasn't just in the church, she was participating in this weird blessing. And as a former Buddhist, I just felt really upset about the statement that "Buddhist and Muslim teachings are witchcraft." What's next? Burning people at the stake again? That's scary stuff to me.

Peace - D

the walking man said...

Actually RP...the deregulation of the economy did begin with Carter, according to economic historians, but it was HUGELY increased with the theory Reagan called "Trickle Down", H Bush also forwarded the agenda as did Clinton. But w, with legislative support ended the majority of regulation of the markets that were left. Every administration is culpable here.

I was watching this video and it occurred to me that the "non-denominational Christian church" of Wasilla, could actually claim that with Palin being on the national ticket, their prayers were answered.

I also thought of this guys statements re the media. Does this mean that Rupert Murdoch is god?

I have NO FEAR of Palin or mccain. If they do get the nod or steal the election ala Karl Rove...I will turn off the grid as much as possible.

God (not rupert) would want it that way.