Friday, September 5, 2008

Thanks for the Blog Jewelry!

I have been remiss in thanking Daryl, over at Out & About in NYC, for the two lovely awards she bestowed on me August 19. What can I say in explanation for myself? I've been busy? I've been overwhelmed? I forgot? Anyway, I'm doing it now. THANK YOU, DARYL!!!

The truth is, I switch back and forth between a Mac partition and a Windows XP partition on the same computer (MacBook Pro) all day long. Mostly I'm on the Windows side during business hours, since that is the OS I use to connect to work. I saved the blog awards and information on that side. And then at the end of the day when I'm relaxing in a recliner with at least one bulldog, I remember that I need to post these and can't remember what day she posted them on her blog! The saved icons are on the Windows side, and I'm too lazy to reboot and do it all over again.

So my Friday resolution was to get this done and acknowledged and then pass on the blog jewelry to a few friends who desperately deserve it and who have little if any blog jewelry, though some do have a ton of awards already. I don't discriminate.

Burgh Baby - This Mommy-Blogger has turned running a household with a precocious toddler and dogs (yes - one is a bulldog, why do you ask?) into an art form. She's famous, too, having been interviewed for the paper about her blog! Darlin', you get the Must See Blog award!

Thursday Drive - Jennifer H. is an amazing writer who really deserves to see her name on a spine in the bookstore. I predict she'll be there one day. She just needs to believe it. I bestow on you, my dear, the Just Plain Fun to Read award.

Formerly Fun - This blog is by a riotously funny aesthetician who wrote about Brazilian waxes and Manzilians. You haven't laughed until you've read her. Here you go - the Just Plain Fun to Read award.

The View from This End - Moannie has an amazingly poignant blog that touches every one of my midlife heartstrings. She has a powerful story and isn't afraid to tell it, without one shred of whine. She gets the Must See Blog award.

Random Memorandum - Employee No. 3699 works in "hell with fluorescent lighting." She writes about life and work, and she throws in recipes here and there for good measure. She's creative, funny, and gets the Just Plain Fun to Read award.

That's your selection for today, campers. If there is anyone here you haven't read, treat yourself. They're all classy women.

Peace - D

(P.S. - I always feel guilty when I do these posts because I want to give all of my readers - and all of the blogs I read - the awards. It's really hard to decide... So I went with the ones I thought you might not already read. It spices things up a little!)


Employee No. 3699 said...

Oh my, what a surprise! Thank you so much.

I believe I'm speechless now...

Daryl said...

So nice to see that sweet little Just Plain Fun to Read badge that I created make its way 'round the internets ...


Jay said...

Oh good! More blogs to check into!! I already read Formerly Fun and The View From This End, and Random Memorandum came to visit me just today! There's a couple there I've never read though!

Congrats to all who have awards! Isn't it fun? :)

Burgh Baby said...

Congratulations to you! And thank you so much for thinking of me when you were passing them out. There's a Bully post coming at some point, so I'll be sure to get you your pic fix. ;-)

Akelamalu said...

Congrats on the awards you are soooo deserving of them. :)

RiverPoet said...

3699 - You earned it. Consider it your Christmas bonus ;-)

Daryl - Yes, now go create some more! :-)

Jay - I love this amazing land called Blog!

BB - Can't wait! I loves me some bulldogs.

Akela - You are TOO SWEET! Go ahead, take both of those awards, too!

Peace out - D

Coal Miner's Granddaughter said...

Congrats on the awards, hon!

RiverPoet said...

CMGD - Thanks! And you were my 2nd reader EVER!

Peace - D

Jennifer H said...

Congratulations on your award, and I wholly agree with it!

Thank you for passing it along to me, and for the very kind things you said. I'll be delighted to post it!

Moannie said...

Oh my God! Thank you so much. How could you know that I was getting dispirited and thinking it was self indulgent of me to think anyone would really care about my stories. Add to that thought is the fact that for some reason my low-tech mind cannot fathom -l am finding it impossible to sign in most times, l told daughter FFF that perhaps blogging was not for me. Now I am raring to go again and hope l can keep up the standard you have set for me.

That child has the voice of an angel.

RiverPoet said...

Jennifer - It's all true. Can't wait to read one of your books.

Moannie - I certainly hope you do continue to blog. You have an amazing story to tell, and we're dying to read it! Part of blogging is hanging in there through the lean times when you have very few readers. And as you can see, from having reached out and touched my blog, commenting ends up bringing more readers to your door. Just keep going!

Peace - D