Saturday, September 27, 2008

Weighty Matters

Last year I lost 60 pounds. July 4th was the anniversary of the day I stopped the diet that helped me lose all that weight (Medifast), and I'd been hoping that on the anniversary I would be at the same weight or less. It didn't quite happen that way.

On the anniversary, I weighed about 5 or 6 pounds over my stopping weight. Still not bad, right? But it is such a slippery slope for me...probably for everyone. I had stopped at a BMI of 23.4, but now almost 15 months later I'm at 26.6. Yeah, I know. Some of you might be saying (as I once would have), "Lucky!" But I don't feel very lucky. Refer to my photo in the sidebar. See where it says, "I am my own worst enemy" over the top? Well, I am. I am not being very nice to myself right now.

I tried to go back on the diet, but because it has sucralose (Splenda) and the migraines have been so bad, it triggers me every time I try to start back on it. I can't tolerate artificial sweeteners of any kind. I'm truly not making excuses for myself here, but I am trying to figure out why this has happened and how to turn it around before I once again become pre-diabetic, have high cholesterol, and have higher blood pressure. I'm also vain enough that I don't want to give up shopping at Ann Taylor or Chico's or anything outside the plus sizes! So bear with me while I examine the last year or so...
  • Medication changes in January that began to cause bloating and weight gain. Within 10 lbs., I was crying "uncle" and changing meds. The weight started to come back down.
  • Daughter moved back in after our 25th anniversary trip in February. Between the holiday food and the stress of having her home (along with her male cat who tried to chase down every female in our house), the weight crept up again.
  • Increased bouts of migraines have caused me to resort to a specific medication that I have always known will cause bloating and weight gain. It was the meds or the madness. I chose the meds.
  • Stomach issues set in around May leading to a trip to the ER later in the summer. Add another medication for that (which I only take when I absolutely have to). They have been showing up off and on - nausea and stomach pain. Sometimes the only thing that will settle my stomach is a glass of soda with no ice. Since I can't have artificial sweeteners, I'm stuck with the sugared variety. (Incidentally, things like club soda and San Pelligrino just don't seem to help as much...not sure why).
  • And then...maybe because of the stress and health problems, I've been making some bad choices. I don't eat tons of calories - no bingeing - but I don't always make the best choices. Why eat a food bar, when I could make myself a nice salad? Why eat a 100-calorie pack instead of an apple? The fruits and veggies would help me far more than soy-based, processed foods, I know; but when I'm stressed, when I'm in pain, or when I'm in a hurry, these are my "go to" foods.
See? Lots of logical reasons for the extra 14 lbs. Lots of them. But am I taking it easy on myself? No. I'm beating myself up and berating myself because I don't want to lose ground here. It's not just about how I look (though I like to look nice); it's about my health.

And one more little factoid--I was an anorexic as a teen. I starved myself, was addicted to the scale, exercised like mad, and probably wrecked my metabolism as a result. Therefore, it's really hard for me to lose and keep weight off now, 30 years later.

I've been considering Weight Watchers so that I would have a multitude of choices from a list. I could choose foods that don't have sweeteners added, but I've read a few blogs of late in which WW is backfiring and isn't working as well as it could. Medifast was my "go to" plan, but it's not possible right now.

What would you do? What do you do to keep your weight down? I realize I'm 46, hitting menopause, and dealing with an array of health problems and medications. But I want to avoid more health problems and medications!

I'm open to suggestions here.

Peace - D


Drowsey Monkey said...

First, focus on the positive, you've done amazingly well! Yay!

I've dealt with weight issues all my life so yes, I know what you're talking about.

I don't want to say Weight Watchers is what you should do, but my sister and I did join 11 weeks ago and we're quite enjoying it. It's all about portion size, and eating properly throughout the day ... not all at once.

Basically, a lot of common sense we all know but rarely pay attention to.

But I'm not saying that's the answer for you. You can join on-line and do it that way if you don't like the idea of meetings.

Whatever you decide ... don't be too hard on yourself. :)

Maggie May said...

I am overweight, but if I get too bad then I follow the Gi Diet. (glycaemic index, probably not spelt right!)
It is a diet that lets you eat the things that are known to stay in your system longer & keep you filled up. Like oats.That way, you don't feel as hungry and need not eat as much. However, I started to eat too much again because of all the stressfull things happening to me right now. But it DOES work, it really does! Good diet to stick to.

the walking man said...

I doubt that you ruined your metabolism 30 years ago RP. That is not to say that current conditions aren't throwing it out of whack.

The above address is one doctors take on Splenda (sucralose)

I have taken drugs that caused me to bloat as well. It was only in the last couple of years that this started. My PCP gave me lisinopril. It is a common drug for water retention, has been around a long time and is available generically. It works for me, a 14 year diabetic.

You can get the National Institute of Health's definition of all your meds at the above address. Both uses and side affects. I have it bookmarked and look up every drug as it appears on my personal horizon.

As to weight I personally find that I will weigh what I will, it fluctuates. Seeing as how I am not svelte, nor obese but just fat (ha ha) I won't worry about it.

nursemyra said...

what do you take for your migraines? I get a compound chemist to make ergodryl because the newer drugs like Imigran don't work for me.

Daryl said...

My advice is to find the WW diet they used to use .. not the one they use now with all the exchanges and crap .. the one with the weighing and limited portion size ... when I stopped smoking I gained a lot of weight and when I hit 165 I went on WW .. I lost 25 lbs over 25 weeks .. yes ... a pound a week but I never have put it back on .. sure if I go mad and eat every carb in sight and then have some chocolate I will put on 5 lbs but as soon as I go back to portion control mode it comes off .. slowly but it does come off .. I am all about moderation .. and doing things so I dont have to do them again .. some call it lazy, I call it .. well .. Lazy .. LOL


Moannie said...

No one knows your body like you do,darling,and I don't know llbs only stones, but there is soooo much emphasis on being slim, we are deluged with pics. of tiny waiflike women with their bones sticking out as the 'ideal'when in reality they are border line anorexics and not to be copied. You are contending with health problems that have nothing to do with your weight and know what you can or cannot tolerate. I know we all want to look good, lord knows I'm still battling at 74, but it is more important that you keep the migraine bogies at bay. As long as you don't overdo it, a smidgen of sugar is NECESSARY in your diet. Daughter FFF goes to WW and I think that she gets a lot of help there, mostly to know that she is not alone and the support of other women in the same, or larger, boat.

Have you tried pure apple juice as a sweetener, in cooking or just as a drink. It would help your craving for something sweet and can do no harm.

Thankyou for doing the meme.hugs XO

Akelamalu said...

I wish I had the answer, I'd follow it myself! I've had a constant battle with my weight all my life and am currently 3stone overweight! :(

Ruth D~ said...

Anything I say will be a bit like the blind leading the blind.:>) never had to worry about weight until midlife, and since then it's a battle. WW worked for me once. The huge key in all this is exercise, I think. Can't seem to get motivated there either. I'll be interested to see what you try, and maybe will join you. Josselyn (sp?)Clinic is a diabetic center. They have a good, sensible diet you might look up and try.

Jay said...

I answered this yesterday but it's not showing! That's the second time I've found this happening recently! :(

I was just going to say that I'm probably no help because I'm very much in the same boat. I lost over 60lb three years ago and it was OK for a while, but lately it's been a terrific struggle just to stay in the same place, and I'm beginning to lose ground.

I've started to exercise properly, dog walks twice a day, plus daily treadmill and the iGallop. It helps me not to put MORE weight on, at least. *Sigh*

Good luck - keep at it, is the only advice I can offer!

Not Afraid to Use It said...

My mom has had phenomenal success with the WW points program. It can't hurt to try it. Even if you informally use it as a guideline--many restaurants have that info in their menus.

As for being addicted to the scale--it was bad bad bad for us in Sweden. Hubbie and I stepped on the scale every time we were in the bathroom. I am missing it right now, but it just goes to show that I am right in not having one in my house. Though it WAS good to see how much the kiddos weighed.

Hang in there hon. You will find a solution you will be happy with.

SandyCarlson said...

I would say you are perfect the way you are. Not to worry. Five, six, seven pounds can be lost.... But that is far less important than being rid of the fatigue and headaches.

RiverPoet said...

Drowsy - It's nice to hear that WW is worthwhile. I find that people give mixed reviews, but a lot of it seems to depend on how dedicated they are to losing weight.

Maggie - I will definitely check out the GI diet. It's one I haven't researched yet. Thanks for the tip!

WM - Oh, but my dear, you are a man. It's different for men, isn't it? Or has the fashion industry gotten to you, too? I don't remember my grandmothers worrying about their weight, but starting in the 50s/60s suddenly women had to look a certain way. I'm not saying that I am as worried about that as much as I am about my health. I do appreciate the links. Will bookmark them now.

Nursemyra - I'm not sure what this compound would be in your neck of the woods, but I take Fioricet (Butalbital) which always makes me bloat terribly.

Daryl - Lazy isn't a bad way to deal with weight (unless, of course, it doesn't work for you). So you're saying you used the "core" plan, not the points/flex plan, right?

Moannie - You are a very kind woman. I'm grateful for your wisdom when I hit a snag like this. If it weren't for my health, I swear, I wouldn't worry about my weight. But I'm scared of ending up like my mother, and that wasn't a good end.

Akela - So you know exactly what I mean! It's frustrating, isn't it?

Ruth D - Thanks for the tip. I'll look them up. This weight battle has been lifelong, and I'm sooooo tired of it.

Jay - How do you like your iGallop? That is one interesting looking piece of equipment! I'd love to have a NordicTrak Treadclimber or just a lifetime membership to a good yoga studio.

NATUI - Glad to hear that the point program has worked for your mom. It has worked for a friend of mine in Montreal, as well. Maybe I'll try that first and see how it goes.

Sandy - God bless you, woman. I know you're right, but I fear my other health problems creeping back in and making matters worse.

Peace - D

Fat, frumpy and fifty... said...

unfortunately..I have come to the conclusion at 50, mid menopause and on the wane...

that even though l can get support at slimming club, (2 yrs ago l dropped 28lbs) since easter lve put nearly all back on...and thats no ones fault but my own..its all MY eat more to excesice less..

and as one older frenchman often told me
I (too) am my own worst enemy...and there is the only answer I really need to know..but of course dont want to hear it ..cos then no one can do it for me..I have too...and the aches and pains, crick in neck in the mornings, are all aided and abetted by my angst, guilt and comfort eating, whether it be the weather, the kids or the mild depression...
I have to get up one morning again an dmake better choice, and decide to take myself in hand again..
sorry..but to pick myself up by the neck I cant do anything but virtually support your decisions..


Carol said...

My heart goes out to you! You sound very determined. Focusing on your goal will get you there, I'm sure! Blogs are great places to vent, ask for advice, and particularly, for encouragement!! I wish you lots of 'good numbers' on your scale!