Friday, October 17, 2008

Bad for Women?


Yeah, I think so.

My readers who already get NOW e-mails have, I'm sure, read this article, but it is contains a plethora of information and links to facts (a concept that Palin is only peripherally acquainted with). One of the first links takes you to an article in which it is reported that she made a very racist remark after hearing the outcome of the Democratic primary. It made me sick to read it.

Since I'm still ailing, this is a necessarily short post. But please, no matter which way you're thinking of voting, read it. Please. I think it's terrible that in Alaska, a rape victim is billed for her own rape kit. In what universe does that make sense? The woman is victimized twice.

Just read it. Here's the link again: NOW Article.



Jay said...

I'm not into UK politics, let alone American politics (about which I know far more than I wish to, thanks to OH!), but being billed for a rape kit is just wrong.

It seems to me to be calculated to discourage women to come forward! All wrong.

the walking man said...

Hope you wake up feeling better RP. I thought that I lived in the most racially charged atmosphere in the nation.

This twit belongs in a white robe before a burning cross. If elected I wonder what the White House gardeners would do to salvage an off burned lawn?

Not Afraid to Use It said...

Thanks for posting these links. I hope you are feeling better now, hon.

Ruth D~ said...

RP? I'm staying out of politics, but I have this thing about unubstantiated rumor getting passed along inadvertently as fact. It happens so much. The rape kit story has been disproven. Just reviewed a book called The Watercooler Effect by Nicholas DiFonzo. We tend to believe rumor about those we don't like. Personally some of the things people say about SP are as bad as the things she is "rumored" to have said and very anti woman, all politics aside. We need to work for a mooth transition to whomever wins the election. Our country is very vulnerable now.

That off my chest . . . I hope you feel better soon.