Sunday, November 23, 2008

Do Not Adjust Your Set

Life is off-kilter...

I'm still limping along without my "baby," who may be MIA for another week. It's the I/O board that is the problem, and it will be fixed this week. Then it's simply a matter of getting her home.

Meanwhile, I have to go through the most medieval steps to get anything to you. I'm using the Windows machine that I borrowed a while back from the office. It's older and heavier than my laptop. so I am at my desk. The USB port is on the back, so to upload anything from my equally ancient digital camera, I have to go borrow hubby's laptop, load it there and then drop it across the network to this machine. His laptop has no photo editing software. This is all to nice when you look at my first two attempts at painting. I am no Bob Ross, no Picasso, and no Georgia O'Keefe. If you want to see quality paintings, stop in to see San, Josie or Lavinia.

This is mine. It doesn't have a name, but I painted it while enjoying long walks with fall colors. It kind of reminds me of the Cascades in Washington State. I wish I'd been able to adjust for the glare of the flash and reposition it on the screen, but it's raw.

This other is more of an abstract, obviously. I call it Chiari One, because this is a view of my head pains. It's vascular and multi-faceted with a blast at the center, just like the pains (which thankfully have not be hitting me as hard lately). As my son also pointed out after seeing it, "There's still a little blue sky in there. It's not all bleak and dark."

Though I realize these are amateurish, I enjoyed painting them, and I'm not giving up. I love getting the pallette out and mixing the colors. I love the paint blotches on my hands. I love looking at the finished products and constantly discovering something new.

Next, I am looking for a yarn shop. There is one in downtown Frederick I am going to try, at which I may learn to make a scarf. I really want to try my hand at knitting. I may not have the patience and time to do it, but I want to give it a shot. When I was young, I tried crocheting with my mother, but I enjoyed crewel embroidery more. In fact, just tonight, hubby hung up one of my creations on our richly-painted dining room wall. I'll have to grab a picture of that, too. And I'm working on another one that is of an undersea scene. It's been idling for a while. Need to get back to it.

I wonder if the rest of you creative women (and men) who read my blog dabble in a variety of crafts and creations. I find that I have always needed to keep those juices flowing. Mostly, instead of painting, I've done ink and charcoal drawings. I love doing those, and I was particularly good with faces. Haven't done that in awhile either. When the mood hits, though, I love to express myself with drawing, painting, stitching, writing, creating a poem, painting a wall, or some other kinetic-yet-creative endeavor.

Be kind, though. I know my paintings aren't great. But I did express myself in them.

Peace - D


® ♫ The Brit ♪ ® said...

Hi RiverPoet,
Your paintings are wonderful! the colours are so vibrant and your feelings have shone through with them, especially the headache one!
As you know I have been writing poetry for some years but I also paint a little, not so well, and I seem to do better when trying my hand at some little bits of abstract, they don't look so good but are a burst of colours too, maybe a bit like a very poor "Jackson Pollock falling over drunk" kind of inspiration hahaha
I have also tried my hand at pottery, which I loved! I made some fruit bowls and candle holders and they came out quite well, although it's very expensive as you need to have a kiln, which is why I joined a night school pottery class at the time so they had everything there.
All the best and have a great week! x

the walking man said... does one "get good" at painting less they put the pigment on the brush and stroke the medium?

the efforts are credible and do what you set out to do, play with color and composition and especially in the latter, tell the world what is like to be tormented by pain.

Good job.

Mental P Mama said...

I hope you keep up with the painting! Maybe it will inspire me;)

Jay said...

When I (eventually!) get the spare room cleared out, I may perhaps take up a brush again! I have painted, and I have drawn using pencil, and I've also done cartoons using pen and ink with Letratone and Pantone - sold a few of those, too! In more recent years I've sewn, crocheted, knitted (a little, I don't much like it and I'm not good at it), made jewellery using beads, silver, leather thong and wire, and done all kinds of crafts. I have to be doing something creative!

Your paintings are great! The second one is especially good, and I think that's because it came very much from within you. I might do one of my migraines one day .. they too have a bright centre and all kinds of weird stuff going on.

Fat, frumpy and fifty... said...

thanks for dropping by and brightening my day , you always make me smile!

hope baby is home soon!

cherokee huh..have you written about it,l have missed that...

Leslie: said...

I absolutely LOVE your paintings! you have a style of your own, both in the abstract one and in the one with autumn colours. Don't sell yourself short here. I wish I could do so well.

I've done crewel in the past and had several pictures framed for my MIL, and my mother taught me to knit. I made things for my two daughters until they got too old and wanted "store-bought" stuff. Now my photography is my creative outlet, but I'd love to try painting, too.

Akelamalu said...

I love your paintings!

I used to knit a lot - sweaters, cardigans etc. You got me thinking now I might start again. :)

SandyCarlson said...

I like your paintings very much!

My laptop is free of photo editing, too. What a pain. But there's a site that offers some decent help and is free:

Love what you're doing!

Daryl said...

STOP! Do not be so self critical .. these are GOOD paintings ... seriously!!!!


Not Afraid to Use It said...

I really admire people who can paint on a canvas. It is just amazing to me. Great job! I've been working on a very crafty project down here. Kind of on the scale of my pirate table. I will def be posting about it once it's done.

Maggie May said...

I love these pictures, I really do! The second one appeals the most, I have to admit.
Well done.

I used to dabble about with water colours. Must take it up again some day........ Writing has taken over though recently! There's not enough hours in the day!

RiverPoet said...

Brit - Thanks! The college I'm going to be attending (grad school) has an MFA in Ceramic Arts. I'll bet you would enjoy that.

WM/Mark - Thanks! I guess I did do what I set out to do. My first attempts at writing poetry left something to be desired, too, but as you say, I had to get in there and do it over and over before the effort improved.

MPM - Painting is a great place to put some deep feelings.

Jay - In fact the migraines were the first inspiration for me to take up the brush. I thought, "Boy, I really need to get my hands into some paint, just to express this inexpressible feeling." So there you have it. I'd love to see what your headache is like (on canvas, of course).

FFF - You know, I haven't written anything about that. I've written two posts about the grandmother who was 1/2 or 1/4 Cherokee (my brothers can't quite remember which fraction), though. One is called "92 Years Young" and the other is called "I think I'm channeling my grandmother".

Leslie - Maybe Josie can give you some watercolor tips while you recover from your back surgery! My first experiment with my paint set was back in 2002 when I was recovering from the first of 3 neck surgeries. Then the paints sat for 5 years because I was dissatisfied with the result. So, I've bought all new paints and started again. I'm having fun.

Akela - It's a good time of year to knit, isn't it? Although I suspect the hard-core knitters have been at it for awhile, knitting their Christmas gifts.

SandyC - I'll have to check out Piknik. I am definitely having fun with the painting.

Daryl - You are such a sweetheart. I'll be up in NYC January 25-27. Maybe we'll do coffee!

NATUI - I hope I get to see it in person. :-)

Maggie - Oh, I agree so much! I never have enough hours to do all that I want to do. I love your writing, by the way. Bravo!

Peace - D

Kat said...

I've crocheted a couple of scarves for my boys and they actually turned out well.
I love the colors in that first painting. Very calming to me. :)

Ruth D~ said...

You've got talent! Love the colors!