Sunday, November 9, 2008

Fourth of Four

Just for fun, and to give me a little break to get some housework done, I picked up this currently popular meme from Daryl over at Out & About in NYC (one of my favorite blogs).

Here are the rules:

1. Go to your Pictures folder on your computer
2. Go to your 4th folder - this is my "Becky's Dogs" file (pictures taken at the bulldog breeder's house)
3. Get your 4th picture - this is a picture of the litter from which our puppy Leo came.

It's a bittersweet picture, because Leo isn't in it. Leo died at 16 weeks of age from an incurable liver condition. All of his siblings are now 19 months old and are healthy and robust. I always thought it was odd, this wheel of dogs picture I took. I shouldn't have been too attached to it, because it didn't contain our puppy. Yet I kept it. And here it is.

I'm not tagging anyone, but if you need an idea for your blog today or in the near future, feel free to snag this.

Peace - D


Akelamalu said...

Shame your Leo isn't in the picture but it's cute nonetheless. :)

Cloudia said...

A bittersweet picture/story.
Aloha to YOU, RiverPoet!

Cloudia said...

Oh! And Daryl is one of my favourite blogges too.

Maggie May said...

Sorry about Leo. They all look so snug cuddled up together.

Ruth D~ said...

Adorable, despite the missing link. :>(

Did you get any housework done? My guess is . . . not so much.

RiverPoet said...

Akela - It was like a little message from God. His angels don't show up on film.

Cloudia - Isn't Daryl great? I can't wait to have coffee with day.

Maggie - They were all so adorable. There is a new baby girl in the neighborhood right now, and we're just nuts over her. They are so tiny...and then they get HUGE!

Ruth - Oh, I got a little bit done. Not much though. I can see the couch again, though ;-)

Peace - D

Lavinia said...

"wheel of dogs" ---what a perfect way to put it. A very striking photo. I want a bulldog puppy!! By the way I've been meaning to ask you, how do you pronounce Bodhi? Is it baw-dee, or boe-dee? Or something else?

I think you blogged a while ago about the pup who didn't make it. I seem to remember a post that told the sad story. Dogs like yours and mine (I have a shih tzu) have those smushed-up faces that are so adorable, and ever since I got my dog, I find the regular 'long nosed' dogs so startlingly different. It shocks me how 'nosy' they are! Of course all dogs are beautiful though.

Crystal Jigsaw said...

That is one cute picture!

CJ xx

Real Live Lesbian said...

Oh...they are adorable!!!!

RiverPoet said...

Lavinia - His name is pronounced "BO DEE" and is after the Buddhist bodhisattvas, compassionate beings who postpone their own enlightenment in order to help others reach theirs. The Bodhi tree is the tree under which the Buddha was sitting when he reached enlightenment. As a word, Bodhi means "awaken". His AKC name is DP's Sanatana Bodhisattva (the first word is pronounced "san ya tan a" and is supposedly the oldest form of Buddhism). My son helped name him. You can read the post about Leo by clicking on the "Leo" link in number 3, if you would like. Thanks for your sweet comment.

CJ - It really is, isn't it? I loved watching them snuggle.

RLL - They were incredibly snuggly! I'm glad to know you got some more firewood, by the way, for these cold nights!

Peace - D

Drowsey Monkey said...

Awww, that is bitter sweet ... but definitely sweet. Sorry about Leo.

Jeni said...

Just read your comments on Dianne's post -about your niece and her partner and the adoption issues -and wanted to tell you this. A cousin of mine -teaches in Delaware, single, adopted a child from China oh, about 6 years ago now. (I don't know if she is just "single" or perhaps in some type of relationship but from what her parents say, what I observed the last time I saw her, I think she is merely single. Not that it matters to me, but makes it a slightly different context in comparison to your niece is all.)
However, a lady who graduated from high school with me, who was a teacher and a Roman Catholic Nun too, and who has a female partner, adopted not one, but two little girls from China and she did this at the grand old age of 54-55 too! As a matter of fact, when she adopted the second child, she had just had knee replacement surgery, was on crutches, etc., when she went to China to pick up the child.
So, is it China that has these regulations against homosexual relationships and adoption or is it possible, it is part of something in the regs in Texas about adoption?
My friend lives in PA -as do I.

Daryl said...

Catching up after a long crazy last week and fun but busy weekend ...

LOVE that photo and it is bittersweet ...

Check this link out .. look under the 'featured' tab the Shiba Inu
Puppy Cam

Book is on its way!


SandyCarlson said...

That's a wonderful, tender, beautiful shot. I would have kept it, too!

RiverPoet said...

Drowsey - We will always have Leo in our hearts. He was very special.

Jeni - Thanks for your comment. I really don't know if it's Texas law, but this is what my sister reported to me. My niece has faced one brick wall after another. It's criminal, really.

Daryl - Thanks for sending me that link! I had linked to that puppy-cam from another blog last week, but I couldn't remember where it was and didn't know what kind of dogs they were. Aren't they adorable??

SandyC - True, so true. They were amazingly sweet.

Peace - D