Friday, November 21, 2008

My Baby is in the (Laptop) Hospital

The unthinkable has happened. My laptop, my baby - my MacBook Pro - is in the shop.

It's been coming on for awhile, and I should note that this laptop is one of the original MacBook Pros (with the Intel duo card). We replaced a battery, perhaps unnecessarily as it turns out, back in August. It had started to very quickly lose its charge, within about 10-15 minutes. (Was a cat to blame? Hmmm....)

Last month, I began to have problems with the power adapter, while hubby was on the road with work. As long as the adapter was plugged in, everything was fine, except that the light did not illuminate on the adapter as it should have. Then it stopped charging the battery altogether. Some basic troubleshooting, a few hard resets (taking out the battery and going through certain steps) later and it worked again for a week or so.

When it failed again, and nothing could revive its former vigor, I logged a call with Apple support. The gentleman in India went through the symptoms and announced that I had a bad adapter and that he could authorize a discount, which helped because the laptop is no longer under warranty. The adapter came in within a couple of days. I hooked it up - no luck. When an email came in asking how the support call went, I let them know that my problem was not solved and that I was not a happy customer. NO response.

We ordered a new battery, thinking that this one had bitten the dust. (Problems with the laptop batteries are legendary). It arrived and I connected everything. NO luck. Argh.

So I gave in to hubby's insistence that we take the laptop to the pros (called "geniuses") at the Apple store in Bethesda. We made a day trip of it today, with me stopping in at my office and us both having lunch with the gang from work. The verdict? The laptop either has a bad power card or a bad logic card (the latter of which my son had diagnosed, perhaps correctly as it turns out).

My laptop is now in the laptop hospital in Bethesda on life support. The geniuses are doing everything they can, and though I backed up everything of importance, I am as nervous as a loved one in the surgical waiting area of a cardiac ward. When the phone rings, I jump. Is it the nurse giving me an update? Does the doctor really know what he's doing? Will my baby be okay? That baby is my right arm. It has been with me through many first and second drafts. It responds only to me (with the correct password).

I close my eyes and imagine it lying there under a metallic sheet, barely chugging along. I imagine all sorts of wires and tubes (well, maybe not tubes) hooked to it as it is diagnosed and operated on. What will they do with the spent body part? Will it be melted down and recycled? Will there be rejection issues with the new body part? Will my baby's right arm (aka logic board) be forever foreign? Stitched in there like Frankenstein's monster?

I go to dreamland a sad woman tonight. I keep waiting for the phone to ring, letting me know that my baby will live. I await the notice of a discharge (aka shipping) date, when my baby will be home and in my lap again. Oh, woe is me...

Meanwhile, I've got a Windows keyboard to hold, as if it could replace my baby, Apple (Gweneth copied me)!!! Why, the unit to which this keyboard is attached isn't even ambulatory! Scary, isn't it? I'm strapped to a desk, all because my real baby is sick.

So you'll just have to forgive me if you don't see me around much. I'll be right here, by the phone, chained to a desk, waiting.

Peace - D



LOL, hello my friend, I'm soooooo sorry to hear about your baby, I completely understand though. I too, am very attached to my laptop and I hadn't even thought about being chained to the desk again, like most of us were not that long ago. So,I will keep u in my thoughts and computer prayers tonite my friend, lol, take care ,

Maggie May said...

Really sorry to hear your baby collapsed and is in Intensive care.
I would go mental if mine did that.
My baby is also a Mac, an iBook & I do all my photos through it. I know its funny little ways & it responds to only me. So yes..... I can imagine how you are feeling.
Hope you are reunited soon.
Mothers & babies should not be parted.

Marty said...

I need to get my Mac Book fixed too... UGH!

Akelamalu said...

Oh I hope your baby makes it!

Coal Miner's Granddaughter said...

Oh, honey! I can soooo relate! I never told the Ty-man this, so Shhhhhhh! But this past spring, I managed to close my MacBook.... with a pen in the crook of the keyboard and screen. That's right. Screen? Was shattered. I? Cried for 48 hours until I was able to take it to the Genius bar and have it fixed. And the fact that I've kept this on the DL from Ty for over six months? Means the CIA needs to give me a job!

Hope your baby gets better soon!

Jay said...

Oh gosh ... how traumatic! I live in fear of my laptop having to go to laptop hospital (AKA the 'geniuses' down at the nearest Apple store).

Interesting though, and hopeful.. I have a 'dead' laptop which was showing all those symptoms and eventually just closed down and went to sleep, seemingly forever.

I'm going to try to get it down to Cambridge and see if they can do some major transplant surgery and bring it back to life! :D

Good luck with your 'baby'!

RiverPoet said...

Julian - Thanks! As it turns out, it is only going to cost half as much as we originally thought to fix it. Cool!

Maggie - Absolutely! My baby is probably frightened and ready to come home. My hands don't know what to do!

Marty - There is hope! Get thee to a Genius!

Akela - My baby is going to pull through!

CMGD - Wow, can you keep secrets or what? Glad you got yours fixed, though!

Jay - Apparently it is the I/O board related to power? Will be $160 US to fix.

Peace - D

® ♫ The Brit ♪ ® said...

Oh no River Poet!!
My thoughts truly are with you! I know how traumatic these things can be as once my baby caught a very bad virus and it almost wiped him out entirely! I too was heartbroken for two days until I could finally give him mouth-to-mouth resuscitation (I know I spelt that wrong!!) and saved his little life, but unlike your little baby mine didn't leave home for this procedure... it must be awful for you.
However I do hope that you have baby Apple registered with the organ donor society... remember that any vital body parts can save another little one's life!

But seriously we do get very attached to these little wonders eh?! They become like children really! It's scary as I have even started talking to mine now!! hahaha

Hope Mummy is reunited with her baby very soon!! x

Lavinia said...

I'm sending "get well" wishes, a card, and flowers (virtually of course) to your laptop and hope it's hospital stay is a pleasant one!!

Daryl said...

Oh I had similar problems with the charger/charging of my MacBookPro .. even got a new free battery but it still doesnt hold a charge unplugged for more than a half hour and once while watching a DVD it decided it was going to sleep since it wasnt being used!!!!! And its been seen by Genuises too .. I hope for Apple's sake the newer MacBooks and MacBookPros have better battery life ... I usually sit at my desk but the thought of not being able to take Merde (so named because its issues began when it was unpacked!) on the road causes me to have anxiety attacks!

And they usually take a week to repair no matter where they go to be 'treated'


RiverPoet said...

Brit - That's hilarious! I'm glad you enjoyed my little story!

Lavinia - My baby loved the flowers. She is just fighting for a discharge order now!

Daryl - Well, my problem was the I/O board. Makes me wonder if that's not the real source of the problem, rather than the battery, on all these stories I hear.

Peace - D

Hilary said...

Oh I see by the comments that I can breathe a sigh of relief. There's little sadder than a sick Mac. Well done post. You made me laugh. :)