Sunday, January 11, 2009

Serenity Now!

It's my favorite time of the day.

The coffee is hot and aromatic. The cinnamon rolls are fresh from the oven, sticky and warm.

The dogs have been fed and let out; they're back in bed with Daddy. The house is so quiet, so serene. Only the sound of the gurgling cat watering fountain is heard.

This is the time when I feel most at peace. Rested. Awake.

I have been so busy of late that it seems like forever since I've sat down and really caught up on my blog reading and responses, and for that I am sorry. This past week at work - the first week back from the holidays - was very busy with new projects, meetings, and general running around madly. It's over.

Yesterday was similarly busy but in a very good way. I started my morning with the orientation for Wags for Hope, a local organization that evaluates and matches dogs and their owners with places that need them. They're involved in nursing home, assisted living, and even hospital visitation, as well as reading programs and Hospice. It's the latter that led me to them, because I want to be able to bring my sweet Lily along with me on visits to hospice patients. This orientation was only the beginning.

Now we have to get the vet form signed, fill out some paperwork, go next Saturday for an evaluation, and then proceed on to get the Delta Society certification before working with Hospice. Meanwhile, I'll be getting my direct service training with Hospice in preparation for starting the visits. I am very hopeful about this. Lily and I have a close bond already, but I know that it will become even stronger as we work together. She has such a gentle spirit.

In addition to the Saturday evaluation, next weekend I have grad school orientation on Sunday. My first class will be the following Thursday at 5 pm. I'm both excited and a little nervous! Life is about to get very full. So you'll see me around here, but probably not as often. Fewer posts, richer content. I hope you'll stick around to hear about the changes in my life--my adventures in grad school, my service with Lily, and my struggle with time management.

Does anyone else notice that that (time management) gets harder with age? I used to be a whiz and making it all happen - all of it! - without batting an eye. Now I have more of a tendency to get frustrated and let things fall through the cracks. Maybe it's because there are more things I filled my life with which I truly enjoy and want to savor. It's easy to get lost in 3 hours of knitting while watching a hockey game out of the corner of my eye. It's very easy to get lost in a book and then realize it's way past my bedtime. By Fridays my desk looks as though a small tornado had ripped through, but by Monday it's tidy again and ready for the grind.

I did manage to squeeze in a movie yesterday, though. We (hubby, the Boy, and I) went to see Gran Torino. Wow. I will say that it was one of Clint Eastwood's best movies. I laughed - hard, at times - and I cried. I couldn't help it. It was just a beautiful piece of art. Yes, there were many moments, especially in the earlier part of the movie, when I cringed at his use of so many racial epithets, but it was in keeping with the idea of the character. He was an old, outdated white man living in a neighborhood that had changed around him (in Detroit). His one prized possession was the 1972 Gran Torino that he kept in the garage. While he worked for Ford, he had actually installed the steering column on the line in that car. The richness of detail of his character astounded me. Yes, at times he was very rough around the edges. Who hasn't known someone like that? But at other times, he was tender and loving.

I highly recommend this movie to you. Take a couple of hours off from whatever stress and busywork has you running. Go see it. Get a sitter.

If you've wondered what's going on with me lately, think of this - what happens when an adult moves back home? There is conflict and tension. There is the raw exposure of all of the regrets, anger, and wounds that haven't healed. Both sides have to work hard at keeping the peace (at least in this house, we do), and it's been unbalanced lately. I finally blew up. It happened. The cork popped and shot across the room. But things have settled back down to a manageable roar. It'll be okay.

And now my reverie is broken. The people in the house are waking up and talking to me, yes, irritating me. Leave me alone. I want to get lost in the blogiverse for a while longer. I miss my compadres there.

Peace - D
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Marty said...

I absolutely understand about house dynamics. With the Holidays I had two more boys back at home - stressful. Enjoy your quite time when you can get it...

Fat, frumpy and fifty... said...

it isnt out here yet, like The changling...we will have to wait..and then unfortunately living in the not to sophistically cinematically challenged town that is our adopted city...we only get chick lit, driller killer and cartoons.

glad you have your restfuls erene start, I look forwrad to your stories and tales of grad school

Akelamalu said...

I remember years ago when eldest son came back home - as much as I love him I could have cheerfully strangled him aftera the first couple of weeks!

Mental P Mama said...

I completely understand a fimily pressure cooker. Keep up the good work, though, and I cannot wait to hear more about Wags for Hope.

® ♫ The Brit ♪ ® said...

Wonderful words Doris!
Wags For Hope sounds fantastic! I'd love to know more....
and I too am a big fan of Clint Eatwood films (the latter ones: "Bridges Of Madison County" until present day) and I loved Million Dollar Baby! I will have to go see "Gran Torino" as soon as it's released here!
I watched "Vicky Cristina Barcelona" (Woody Allen film) last week and loved it!!! X

Moannie said...

You sound a little better, a little less stressed and I am glad to hear it. Yes, your days are full, but as long as you are enjoying what you do that is half the battle. No. one and only son came back home at 23 and stayed till 27...phew! So I know it can be a battle sometimes, now he and his wife come for lunch...lovely.

Daryl said...

I love my alone time, my quiet time.

SOUL: said...

i just stumbled in - and i'm glad i did :))
i'll be back..
if that's ok?

not sure why-- or how long you're back at home--- but "peace"!
been there-- many times..
sometimes i even had the soul clan
in tow... and it just is not fun.


Coal Miner's Granddaughter said...

I miss you, hon. But I know you're busy. I get what you mean about time management getting worse as one gets older. I think, for me, it's because I'm tired more often. Ugh.

Stay busy and I can't wait to read more!

SandyCarlson said...

You have a very full plate, to be sure. Grad school? Good for you. I have a friend who went to Harvard as an undergrad; he used to say the hardest part was getting in. I felt that way about grad school. I actually enjoyed learning. I hope you have a great time.

By the way, is collecting via Mr. Linky posts that honored Suzanne. I remember your mentioning her on your blog. Might be worth making the link so her family knows she was thought of.

I will take your recommendation on the movie. You will love CE in the Wisdom video. I bought the book and it is wonderful.

david mcmahon said...

You speak for all of us, to all our hearts.

Bless you for the many gifts you bring to BlogLand.

Maggie May said...

I know what you mean. That lovely peace before the house stirs.
I also know how it is when adults come back home to live. I know how it is to *lose it* sometimes when you feel hemmed in.
However, in order to survive, you need ground rules..... otherwise you will be taken over.I stuck it out for 11 months before one of my "adults" exploded & they all left, making me feel I had failed!

Will watch out for more news about the wonderful things that you are getting up to!

the walking man said...

I suppose that by now you know i usually start my day in the wee hours of the AM. The first pot of coffee is mine and mine alone.

It is the time when I ponder the what if' what if I do go back to school at least long enough to get an AA...what if I do or don't, will it change anything?

What if we buy a house away from Detroit and one of the kids needs to move back but it is soooo far away from their commute...

What if I accept laziness today and just pull some writing from the past...


It didn't register much with me here when they were filming Grand Torino even though the paper made a deal out of it publishing Clint sightings every day.

But the more I read of the movie the more I see where it reflects the frustration of the white population that still lives within the city and the hate of the white population that feels they've been forced out.

Either way I can wait until it comes out on disc.

Jay said...

Sounds like you're about to get very busy indeed! Good for you for taking Lily visiting with you - it is so rewarding! I can't quite get my head round the fact that I won't be doing that again this year.

Good luck with school, too - but don't forget to pop in now and then, we'll miss you!

Hilary said...

I hope things begin to calm and settle for you soon, for longer than it takes to drink a cup of coffee. My ex told me that Gran Torino was excellent too. I hope to see it sometime soonish. And I too look forward to hearing more about Wags for Hope.

® ♫ The Brit ♪ ® said...

Hi Doris,
I'm back again to say Congratulations on Post Of The Day over at David's!!
I hope you are feeling better X

Seamus said...

It seems so true, what you've said about time management - the older ... er ... more advanced I get the behinder I get!

I applaud your efforts getting Lily certified for hospice work. When my dad was in the hospital his brightest moments were when someone would bring around a therapy dog.

ConverseMomma said...

It is a comfort to think that my lack of ability to do it all is because there is so much that I desire to be doing. I find poetry often falls to the wayside, my Anne Sexton and Neruda growing dusty on the shelf while I live the poetry of my children rolling around on the carpet all barks and meows. I think it is a far tradeoff.
Lovely, you!

Jules~ said...

good morning to you. Thank you for your recent visit and comment at my blog site.
I am enjoying looking around your place. I can totally relate to your comment about time slipping away and not getting the same amount of things done anymore. OH how I relate. There wasa time when I was so good at multi-tasking adn every day consisted of a list of accomplishments. Funny how things change. I often tell myself that God says there is a season to that must apply to this time as well.
Have a blessed day.

Seeker said...

thanks for your visit...

i am a night owl and have been for years. when i try to explain why i love that time when everyone else is asleep, they don't understand. You do! That glorious peace when a person can be reflective. Thanks

Kim said...

Hang in there, kid. You're doing a good job it sounds like. I love the dogs!

RiverPoet said...

Marty - Thanks! Maybe I'll make it through...

FFF - Oh yes, there will be tales, alright. Can't WAIT!

Akela - Oh goodie! You, Maggie and I can get together and strangle our kids! ;-)

MPM - I can't wait to have some stories about Wags to tell!

Donnie - You will LOVE it, and yes, I want to see that Woody Allen movie, too.

Moannie - Oh I think I'll survive; we all will. But for now, there's some growing pains!

Daryl - Isn't it the best?

Soul - It's been great chatting with you. I'll get back to you on that last email sooooon.

CMGD - I won't be away for good, just won't be here as much. And the unread blog posts are stacking high...ugh.

SandyC - I was honored to hear from a few people who followed my link about Suzanne. I'm still so incredibly sad about her. But life goes on. The eternal truth, yes?

David - God bless you! I love what YOU bring to blogland.

Maggie - Yes, I have been a little bit like a pressure cooker with a very tight nozzle. Sooner or later, I explode!

Mark - I couldn't help thinking of you and your neighborhood when I was watching the movie. You'll like the movie, I think. It was right up there with "A Perfect World".

Jay - Oh, I'll still be around. And I know it must be hard for you not getting your dogs out there right now. Hopefully you'll be healed and right as rain soon enough!

Hilary - And I can't wait to share it with you!

Donnie - Things are looking up! But I have a long way to go yet in solving a few problems.

Seamus - Thanks for that validation of what I plan to do. Interestingly enough, the guy who founded Wags did so because he thought his Bernese Mountain Dog, Charlie, would be perfect for it. And he is.

Converse - Thanks for popping by my blog. I loved yours! We may not be able to do it all, but we never stop trying do we? I think most mothers believe that they are failing in some way. All you need to do is cherish those precious moments with all your heart. Your child knows he is loved.

Jules - There is a season for everything, no? Right now is my season (and yours?) for quiet restitude and occasional frantic cries of "Now where did I put that?"

Seeker - Thanks for returning the visit. I think those of us who are the creative types just gravitate toward the quiet hours, when most "sensible" critters are sleeping.

Kim - I love your blog about Winnie and your husband's Lulu blog. I'm a sucker for pups. Thanks for the visit!

Peace - D

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