Sunday, February 8, 2009

Happy Birthday, "Pete"!

My hubby, who is often referred to as "Pete*" in some of my stories here, turned 46 today! Wish him a happy one!

For his birthday, he got
  • PRK surgery (on Jan-15)
  • Dinner out with a good friend of ours at a great Mexican restaurant, and
  • A treadmill!
He was completely not expecting the treadmill, but he's been talking about taking up running again. The weather has been crappy and cold, and his poor iPod is all set up, ready to go, but no action! Now his excuses are gone! :-)

The biggest problem, though, is that the dogs think the treadmill is for them. Both of them tried it out yesterday and were grinning ear-to-ear! And that's what the baby gate's for...

Peace - D

* not his real name, of course


Lorna said...

Happy Birthday, *Pete*!

Cloudia said...

Many Happy & Healthy Birthdays, "Pete!"
Hauoli La Hanau! (Hawaiian)
Do you mean that your dogs run on the treadmill?! Oh PLEASE post photos of THAT ;-)
Aloha, FavePoet

SOUL: said...

happy birthday to "not really pete"

i hope you enjoyed the day as well.

you should post pix of your exercising - treadmill lovin -dogs. i'd like to see that.

i love dogs.

good night to ya.
and pete too :))

Maggie May said...

"Happy Birthday, Pete! Hope the day is a good one!

the walking man said...

Pete...the dogs using your treadmill are a good excuse to sit and listen to the music. Hope ya have a good run old man.

Coal Miner's Granddaughter said...

Happy Birthday, fellow Aquarius/physicst! Woo hoo!

Mental P Mama said...

Happy Birthday to a fellow Aquarian! Now go get on that treadmill;)

Marty said...

Happy Birthday to your "Pete" - I am a bit jealous though. I still sport my Marine Corps crewcut, but mine has come about naturally. ;P

TheWritersPorch said...

Happy Birthday Pete!

highlander1463 said...

Thanks everyone. The dogs are going to give me a "run" on that treadmill, I am sure of it.

-Marty, as a former Marine myself I can tell you that it does grow back.

-Aquarians ROCK!!!

Take care all...Pete

Syd said...

Happy birthday to your hubby. That's a good gift to have--a treadmill. Have fun with it.

Daryl said...

Happy Birthday "Pete" my fellow Aquarian!

Nicknames are odd things .. my late father-in-law's name was Irving but he was called Eddie by co-workers ... my dad was born Isadore and was called Iz by familym except for Mom who called him Irv... go figure

Akelamalu said...

Happy Birthday 'Pete' hope you enjoy the treadmill! :)

Employee No. 3699 said...

Belated Happy Birthday to your Hubby!!!!

Hilary said...

Late to the party but Happy Birthday to not-Pete. :) Andy you must post photos or a video of those dogs on the treadmill!