Friday, February 6, 2009


Today I heard that another friend got laid off from his job.

Why is this happening? Where will it end?

A friend in Ohio has been out of work since October. He has a daughter in college and a new wife. I'm not sure how he's making ends meet. My son lost his job Christmas Eve when the startup he worked for lost their next round of funding. A dear friend's husband lost his job while he was at her father's funeral! I kid you not.

It's really hard for me to be concerned about anything going on in my life when everywhere I look people are facing bills they can't pay, homes they may lose, kids they can't feed. It's horrible! I'll bet that each one of you reading this know at least one person (and maybe it's you) who is out of work.

We're a far piece away from the late 90s when my phone was ringing off the hook with technical recruiters trying to lure me away from my current job to go for a bigger salary and bonuses. I bit - a couple of times. I did pretty well for awhile, and so did everyone I knew. So how did we get here? It reminds me of the Great Depression. That may sound extreme, but it feels true. The things my mother told me about growing up in the Depression seem oddly familiar.

I can't imagine that there will be rationing. I'm not sure how much further we would have to go for that to happen, but I imagine when all of these foreclosed homes keep sitting empty, when all these repossessed cars sit in the bank lots, when all these people try to scrape by on unemployment, food stamps, and Medicaid for their sick kids.... how long will it take? How far will it go?

I'm a little worried tonight, about my friends, about family, and about America in general. I'm one of the lucky ones with a good job. The company is doing well, too. Hubby's company is doing well and still hiring. Thank God for that. But I'm still worried.

I guess those of us with jobs had better scrape up a little more enthusiasm when we get out of bed in the morning. We're the lucky ones.

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Lorna said...

Doris..... Yes, it is happening to many people and yes, I know of a few.I don't have a job to lose because I am retired, but being retired and on a fixed income makes a person cautious and concerned.

I hope you have a good weekend. You deserve to have some pleasantness in your life.

Cloudia said...

"I'm a little worried tonight, about my friends, about family, and about America in general. "
Me too. But a smart man that I trust is in charge at last.
These are the times when great things are possible. I'm worried, but strangely optimistic too.
Please visit my Saturday blog post. i'd really like to see your comment. Aloha, Friend

C. Dylan said...

I am a member of Generation X, I have no choice but to be optimistic long term about our future, as retirement is so many years ahead for me. I think things will get worse before they get better..there are many more layoffs to come in my opinion. I'm worried about more people becoming homeless and we have poor resources in general to deal with that. The food banks are not getting donations they once did and there are so few jobs available. Homeless and hungry people in great numbers is pretty scary and sad. I know at least 12 people who have lost their jobs. Even so, I firmly believe the USA is very resilient and will bounce back stronger and smarter..after a prolonged recession. Hopefully we won't allow such a mess to happen again by having better regulations and oversight. I share your worries. But I see hope on the horizon that this too shall pass.

Maggie May said...

Many old folk in Britain are living off savings that they made in order to be independent in their old age. (The State Pension is very meagre) and many Private Pensions never reached anything like their potential. Now interest rate has fallen to 1% and there is no way they are going to manage.
I have seen some hard times, but nothing like this.
it is scary to think too much about it.
I am still working in small jobs because of this (over 65) when I could have retired at 60!

the walking man said...

When does the bottom appear and when does the upward trend begin?

When fear is forsaken rather than embraced.

Akelamalu said...

It's just the same over here. :(

I'm lucky I have a job and MWM is retired and we manage quite well but I so worry about my boys and all the other folk. My Dad (84) has started talking about the depression and it's, well frankly, depressing. :(

Mental P Mama said...

I am optimistic, and concerned all at once. There has to be an end in sight.

RiverPoet said...

Lorna - There is always hope, yes? I feel for your friends who have lost their jobs and for you, who must try to make it on uncertainty. My own retirement account is meager now.

Cloudia - Most days I have that feeling of optimism, but not when I hear news like that of my friend. It is frightening. I hope Obama can turn things around soon - he has to get that Republican buy-in.

C. Dylan - That's a good reminder for me to make a donation to the food bank. Thanks!

Maggie - I'm hoping grad school will train me for a career (grief counseling) that I can do well into my "retirement" years. At this point, I just don't trust the system to be there for me. I wish you well, my friend.

Mark - Truer words were never spoken. And yet I have evenings like the one in which I wrote this when fear is my number one emotion.

Akela - Yes, unfortunately with our global economy, what happens here is happening elsewhere, too. I keep telling myself that the present I bought for my husband for birthday/anniversary/V-day is my little way of stimulating the economy. It hurt to part with the money, though.

MPM - Yes, there has to be an end in sight, doesn't there? I guess it might have to get worse before it gets better, though.

Peace - D

ConverseMomma said...

I am terrified of this. I'm a tenured teacher with 10 years in who might lose her position due to budget cuts. I have two small children and a mortgage to pay. I just hope that if my district cuts my program, I can find another school with enough of a budget to pick me up.
I'm sorry for your friends and family.
Something has to be done.

Moannie said...

A redundancy and a business in liquidation, that's the sum so far in my family...we are holding our breath that the bank don't take their house...eight years to build a business, long hours, few holidays and a criminally badly run economy and it is almost all gone. Meanwhile, the wheelers and dealers grow fat on their bonuses after our taxes bailed them out.

Shrinky said...

It is not only in America, here in the UK I am afraid to switch on the news for all the doom and gloom fresh every day. Hubby has taken a third cut in salary from last year, andhe is one of the lucky ones.

It hasn't reached the bottom yet, no. But it will come up. It will pass, we have lived long enough to know this. I have hope for my children, the future. I just pray the casualties before then are not too bloody.

SandyCarlson said...

The economy is a huge mess. So much to clean up after. I hope we turn things around. Lord knows we've got the imagination and drive.

Deedee said...

Hi Riverpoet - I myself was recently "cut adrift", so to speak, when I lost my job of 7 years with no notice. Since my husband is self-employed in the construction trade he hasn't got a lot of work either, so it's quite the trip we are on here. Things have to get better-keep on believin'. Your last post beautiful girl was moving. I have my own beautiful girl, no addiction issus, but our relationship has become strained and distant too, and it hurts a lot. So on some level, I feel your pain.
Glad to have stumbled upon your blog.

Not Afraid to Use It said...

I think we are lucky in the fact that Hubbie seems to be quite needed at his job. But sometimes, you just never know. Ack.

FrankandMary said...

Funny that you say it is hard to be concerned about other things going on when so many are out of work or in economic trouble. I feel that way, but I find many people don't seem all that upset until it hits them. It is an interesting story when it is THAT GUY and not ME. I tend to agree more with you, but I don't see it taxing the thoughts of the people I know with a lot of money, other than they have less of the more, if you know what I mean. And I've also found it with people who are on fixed or assistance "incomes," they look at only the affects to ME. ~Mary

Daryl said...

This is a time to be thankful if you have a job, even if you hate it, because the alternative is far worse .. I know so many 2 income families who are now down to just one and its not easy so imagine how scary truly terrible it is to be a 1 income family and lose that ...

Thank you Republicans for getting us here and for refusing to act to get us out. Cant wait to see how many of you get re-elected .... and I am looking right at you John McCain

tysdaddy said...


You are one of the few people I believe when they say they are praying for me.

Thank you for your kindness . . .


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